10 Signs That a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Is Not Right for Your Case

Have you consulted an Albany car accident lawyer and you are not sure they are the right person to work with? Your doubts could be the first sign that you should keep looking. Your instincts are probably telling you that something is wrong. Otherwise, you would be confident, at peace.

But you should not act based on doubts. There are some tell-tale signs that can help you assess whether the lawyer you have been in contact with is the right person to handle your case. We will review the most important of them in the following lines.

5 Signs That You Should Consult another Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

1. They Approached You

Successful car accident lawyers, in Albany or anywhere else, are too busy to be hunting down clients. However, there are also “ambulance chasers”. They hang out (or have assistants) in emergency rooms waiting for potential clients or knock on people’s doors after hearing about their accidents.

Sure, perhaps the one you have been in contact with is only at the beginning of their career and struggling to build a name for themselves. They may have literally witnessed your accident and offered to help out. But do they have the necessary experience and skills to win your case?

2. They Cannot Provide References or Examples of Cases They Won

Sure, the attorney-client relationship is confidential. However, all good lawyers have clients willing to recommend them and provide feedback. They have also handled some cases covered in the local media that you can look up to see how they ended. If yours does not, perhaps you should be looking for one that does.

3. They Do Not Take the Time to Listen to You and Answer Your Questions

Each case is different and each accident victim has questions they want answered. An auto accident lawyer who cares about their clients will take the time to review their case and answer their questions. Of course, there are also superficial lawyers who will apply the same approach to all cases and let the verdict to chance.

4. They Promise the Moon and the Sky with No Real Basis

Car accident cases are tricky. The burden of proof falls on the victim or their car accident attorney. Insurers often reject claims. If the victim shared fault for their accident, their compensation will be diminished accordingly. Some types of losses need to be accounted for. Others are subjective and difficult to quantify.

An experienced lawyer will rather explain all these and give a realistic estimate than guarantee winning and through around huge amounts. You do not need empty promises, but an accurate perspective of what’s waiting for you. The last thing you want is to be planning how to spend your huge compensation and end up unable to pay your debts.

5. They Charge By the Hour or a Fixed Rate

Some lawyers use such payment agreements, and it does not necessarily mean that they are not good lawyers. Some cases are really complicated and require huge efforts and expenses. Others have low chances of getting a favorable verdict and, although the lawyer explains everything to their client, the latter insists on moving forward.

However, in most car accident cases, things are simpler. If the lawyer knows what they are doing and justice is on their side, their client will get their compensation. It may happen after a long court trial or appealing insurance claim rejections, but it eventually will.

Having this certitude, most car accident lawyers agree to work on a contingency fee. They only get paid when they win, if they do, a percentage of the compensation they obtain for their client. The percentage can vary from 20% to 40, even 50% in extremely difficult cases.

However, the accident victim does not have to pay anything out of their own pocket. Most of the times, the compensation the attorney obtains exceeds by far the amount their client may have obtained on their own. If your lawyer charges by the hour or a fixed rate, they may not be sure they can win.

Let Us Show You What Working with the Right Albany Car Accident Lawyer Feels Like

Do any of the situations described above apply to your experience with the Georgia car accident lawyer you have consulted? Then let us provide you with a better experience. Schedule a consultation with one of the Albany car accident lawyers at Joe Durham Jr., P.C. They will show you what it means to work with an experienced and dedicated lawyer who will listen, answer, and fight for your rights!

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