Baker County Magistrate Court

About Baker County Magistrate Court

The Georgia Magistrate Court system was instituted through an Act of the Georgia Legislature, becoming effective on July 1, 1983. This establishment followed the adoption of a new Georgia Constitution in 1982, unifying the state’s courts.

Formerly recognized as Justice Courts with Justices of the Peace, the Magistrate Court replaced all small claims courts and justice of the peace courts in Georgia. The judges from those abolished courts transitioned to become magistrates.

Duties of the Baker County Magistrate Court

The Magistrate Court in Baker County presides over both civil and criminal cases, without conducting jury trials. Appeals from this court are redirected to the Superior Court. The Magistrate Court is tasked with offering an accessible judicial system for citizens less acquainted with Georgia’s legal processes.

This court streamlines procedures, making them simpler, less intricate, and often more expeditious for resolving cases compared to other courts.

Probate / Magistrate

  • Magistrate Angela Hendricks

Location & Contact Information

167 Baker Place
Newton, Georgia 39870

Phone: 229-734-3007


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