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preliminary hearings-in-albany

Things to Know Before Preliminary Hearings in Albany Divorces

A divorce is a complicated procedure that drains people emotionally and physically. It’s not easy to imagine oneself at such a point. However, one cannot ignore reality. The rate of divorce has steadily increased during the last few years. With this prevailing situation, it’s good to have an insight into certain things before attending a…

road defect in Georgia

Handling a Car Accident Caused by a Road Defect in Albany

A road defect in Albany can lead to devastating traffic accidents. Unfortunate events like accidents cannot be predicted. Nobody would want to be involved in a motor crash. However, in reality, accidents happen quite often. There could be several reasons for an accident such as negligence of the driver, vehicle malfunction, weather conditions, speeding, or…

drunk driving accident

Steps to Take After A Drunk Driving Accident in Albany

Regardless of how safely you are driving your vehicle, you can still be involved in a drunk driving accident in Albany, GA due to the negligence of another person. You cannot stop other drivers from drinking and driving. Such accidents can lead to serious consequences and life-long medical conditions. The reckless behavior of being intoxicated…

child custody during covid-19

How to Determine Child Custody During COVID-19 in Albany, GA?

How does the legal system decide child custody during COVID-19? The wave of the coronavirus hasn’t only affected the health of individuals but has also had an impact on relationships. Child custody is the obvious fallout from these broken relationships. Divorced couples have suffered the most during this time. Especially those people sharing custody of…

medical malpractice claims

Medical Malpractice Claims in Columbus – Early Medical Discharge

While hospitals are generally lauded for providing quality care to their patients, medical malpractice claims in Columbus are quite common. If you are admitted to a hospital, it is reasonable to expect doctors to prioritize your health above all else. In normal circumstances, you would expect to be examined by a doctor and discharged only…

car accident in Georgia

Mental Recovery After Surviving a Car Accident in Columbus

A car accident in Columbus can bring much more than physical pain. When people think of a car crash, they link it with the severity of physical injuries. However, people involved in car crashes can experience mental health problems along with physical pain as well. Mental health issues are real and must be addressed before…