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medical malpractice

Can an Anesthesia Error Lead to a Medical Malpractice Claim?

Undergoing surgery is always risky even if the operation is considered relatively minor. Patients are, therefore, naturally concerned about getting an operation. They may worry that the surgery won’t be successful or that the medical team will discover their condition is worse than previously thought. Also, we’ve all heard stories about surgeons operating on the…


What Should I Bring to My First Meeting with A Divorce Lawyer in Albany?

Divorce is tough and the thought of discussing deeply personal matters with a lawyer is likely to be daunting. However, your attorney can only advocate for you if they have all the necessary information. This means you need to be candid and you need to prepare for your first meeting. The more information you can…

medical malpractice

Can I Sue A Doctor for Failing to Diagnose Cancer?

When an individual has cancer, early detection and treatment can have a positive impact on their health and life expectancy. Unfortunately, doctors can either fail to diagnose the disease entirely or diagnose it so late that the patient’s life is severely compromised. When a patient doesn’t receive an early diagnosis, their chance of being treated…

truck accident

A Reckless Truck Driver Hit Me. Can A Lawyer Help Me Get Compensation?

Drivers in Georgia often get a little nervous when they get close to commercial trucks. While most other vehicles on the road pose some type of danger, trucks are especially threatening because of their size and weight. Your typical passenger car weighs around 3,000 to 4,000 pounds but a tractor-trailer can weigh about 70,000 pounds.…

wedding bands

Is Domestic Violence Grounds for Divorce in Georgia?

Couples get divorced for lots of reasons. Most couples in Albany and elsewhere in Georgia simply say that they have irreconcilable differences. They don’t go into detail about why the marriage is ending. This allows them to maintain their privacy and the process can go a lot faster. There are also fewer legal fees associated…

Drive While Sick

Is A Driver Negligent If They Drive While Sick?

Colds and flu are typically seen as mild illnesses. People who are experiencing fever and chills often get behind the wheel. They do so either out of necessity or because they believe they’ll be able to drive as usual even though they’re sick. However, when a driver isn’t feeling well, they’re likely to be distracted…