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Divorce Attorney in Albany

Do I Really Need an Albany Divorce Attorney?

Most parties filing for divorce want to get the process over with as soon as possible. If you’d rather move on with your life quickly, you may wonder if hiring a divorce attorney in Albany is necessary. In Georgia, you’re not legally required to have a lawyer represent you during a divorce. You can represent…

Georgia Automobile Accident Lawyer

Do I Really Need a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer? I Don’t Think I Can Afford One.

Car accident victims are often advised to get help from a Georgia automobile accident lawyer in seeking compensation. Doing so ensures that insurance companies don’t take advantage of them and that they get what they really deserve. However, many people are hesitant to seek legal representation since they assume they can’t afford it. Opting not…

Doctor Misdiagnosed Your Condition

What Can I Do If My Doctor Misdiagnosed My Condition?

We depend on doctors to accurately diagnose our conditions and provide us with the necessary treatment. In some cases, misdiagnosis can be the difference between life and death. Given the amount of faith we place in doctors, it may be surprising to find out that misdiagnoses are common. However, depending on the circumstances, victims may…

Car Accident Claim

What to Do if The Insurance Company Denies Your Car Accident Claim

When you suffer injuries and property damage in a car accident, you hope the insurance company will approve your claim quickly. Both medical treatment and car repairs can be costly. Therefore, if the crash was not your fault, the at-fault party should have to foot the bill. Unfortunately, insurance companies deny claims for a variety…

Car Accidents in Atlanta

What Types of Car Accidents Are Most Common in Atlanta?

If you drive any type of vehicle, it’s likely that you’ll get into an accident at some point. Car accidents in Atlanta occur all the time. Despite all the various attempts to encourage road safety, drivers still take chances on the city’s roads. They drive while texting, drive while intoxicated and speed even though they…

hit and run in georgia

I Was the Victim of a Hit and Run in Georgia. What Should I Do?

Car crashes are usually scary and traumatic. Whether you were injured or not, you could be facing significant expenses. If you get hurt, you could also face a lengthy recovery and substantial medical bills. However, the impact of a car accident can be even harder to bear if it was a hit and run in…