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How divorce can effect your estate

How Divorce Can Affect Your Estate

During the complicated process of divorce, people are troubled with issues like what to do with the children, property, and finances. Many things need to be done. However, it is essential to remember and update your will, just in case, anything unpredictable happens to you. This will impact how your estate is distributed. In this…


Are Parents Accountable for Damages When Their Child is the Fault Driver in an Albany Car Accident?

New drivers are generally teens with a higher risk of getting involved in a bad car accident due to various reasons, including lack of experience on the streets. In the event of an accident, parents must be aware of the actions that have to be taken and seek professional guidance from a Georgia Automobile Accident…


How Are Visitation Rights Handled During a Georgia Divorce?

One of the things that may have to be decided during a divorce is the issue of visitation rights. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, visitation is usually granted to the non-custodial parent. The courts try to ensure that parents and children continue to have a relationship, so it is rare for a judge to deny…

medical malpractice

Can I Sue for Medical Malpractice if A Doctor Gave Me the Wrong Medicine?

When we go to the doctor, we expect to get better rather than worse. Unfortunately, every year hundreds of thousands of Americans die as a result of medical errors while others survive even though they suffer harm. Medical malpractice can take various forms but at its core, it involves a healthcare professional acting negligently and…

statute of limitations

Statute of Limitations – Why Do I Only Have Two Years to File a Lawsuit After a Georgia Car Accident?

If you’ve suffered injuries in a Georgia car accident and you intend to seek compensation from the at-fault party, you don’t have any time to waste. As is the case in other states, you only have a limited time within which you can file a lawsuit, a situation known as the statute of limitations. Even…


Mistakes Car Accident Victims Tend to Make When Handling Their Own Case

It can be difficult to think clearly after a car accident. Pain, shock, and confusion can affect anyone. Add a lack of knowledge about insurance and the law and you’ll understand why many accident victims turn to lawyers for help with their claims. However, some people still think they can handle their case alone. Unfortunately,…