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sideswipe accidents

How Do Sideswipe Accidents Happen?

Sideswipe collisions can happen seemingly out of nowhere. If they occur at low speeds, they may not result in injuries. Typically, one car just brushes the other and the sides of both vehicles suffer slight damage.  However, when high speeds are involved, one or both vehicles may spin out or overturn, causing serious harm. Drivers…


Can I Get Compensation If I Was Harmed by a Defective Medical Device?

Medical devices play an important role in healthcare, a defective medical device can be dangerous to a patient. These medical devices. when working properly, save lives, prevent illness, treat injury, and improve mobility. Many people wouldn’t be able to survive without them. However, like other pieces of equipment, medical devices can fail or malfunction, thereby…


How Can I Claim Compensation for Loss of Limbs Following an Accident in Georgia?

One of the most serious injuries you can suffer in a car accident in Georgia is the loss of one or more limbs. Many car accidents in Georgia result in injuries that eventually heal. However, when you lose an arm or leg, you will never truly heal. The loss of a limb will change your…


What’s the Difference Between Divorce and Separate Maintenance in Georgia?

Couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage don’t always want to get a divorce. For varying reasons, some want to live separate lives without taking this step. If you’re considering parting ways with your spouse, you should know the difference between separate maintenance and divorce. Divorce brings the marriage to an end and allows…

medical malpractice

What Are Some of the Defenses in a Medical Malpractice Case?

Doctors aren’t supposed to make our injuries or illnesses worse. If they harm us because they were negligent, they should be held accountable. However, not every poor medical outcome is grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. That’s why there are multiple defenses available to medical professionals accused of wrongdoing. If you believe you were harmed…

car accident

Can I Make A Claim for Loss of Consortium After A Car Accident in Georgia?

Learning that your spouse was injured in a car accident can be almost as jolting as being involved in an accident yourself. It’s even worse if both you and your spouse suffer injuries in the same car accident. You no doubt know that you can claim compensation for property damage, medical expenses, and lost wages.…