Dougherty County Juvenile Court

About the Dougherty County Juvenile Court

The Dougherty County Juvenile Court was established to support, protect, and, if possible, restore juveniles to become secure and law-abiding members of society. The court ensures that each child under its jurisdiction receives care, guidance, and control conducive to their welfare and the best interests of the state.

This court holds exclusive original jurisdiction over juvenile matters, initiating actions for individuals under 17 years of age who are alleged to be delinquent, unruly, in need of treatment or commitment as mentally ill or special needs children, committed a juvenile traffic offense, or are dependent children under 18 years of age.

The court also handles various proceedings, including obtaining judicial consent for marriage, employment, enlistment in the armed services, transfer of juveniles through Interstate Compact, termination of the legal parent-child relationship (excluding adoption), and providing prior notice to a parent or guardian regarding an un-emancipated minor’s decision to seek an abortion.

With an annual caseload of over 2,200 petitions, the Dougherty County Juvenile Court processes and prepares cases for hearings, collects restitution for victims, handles traffic fines, and ensures legal counsel for indigent juveniles.

The court’s daily functions also include providing a probation staff of six (6) for counseling and coordinating the treatment of each juvenile under its jurisdiction. Various community-based programs are offered to support rehabilitation efforts.

The Honorable Herbie L. Solomon serves as the presiding judge of the Dougherty County Juvenile Court, with Judge Ingrid Patrice Driskell as the Associate Judge.


  • Honorable Judge Herbie L. Solomon
  • Judge Ingrid Patrice Driskell

Location & Contact Information

225 Pine Ave
Albany, GA 31701

Phone: 229-431-2162


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