Steps to Take After A Drunk Driving Accident in Albany

Regardless of how safely you are driving your vehicle, you can still be involved in a drunk driving accident in Albany, GA due to the negligence of another person. You cannot stop other drivers from drinking and driving. Such accidents can lead to serious consequences and life-long medical conditions. The reckless behavior of being intoxicated while driving can greatly impact you in case of an accident. Serious injuries can be sustained in the incident. The driver responsible for the accident must be held liable for the negligent actions.

It is essential to seek help from a drunk driving accident lawyer, who will be able to recover compensation for your financial and medical damages. Your attorney will guide you through the best legal options to provide the benefits you need.

Several complexities arise after an accident, you might be confused about the process of attaining compensation. If you face an accident due to the negligence of a drunk driver, you should go with the following steps:

Steps to Follow After a Drunk Driving Accident in Albany, GA:

It is vital to take certain steps after a drunk driving accident in Albany, GA. According to estimates in 2019, 39,107 people died in motor crashes. Usually, the safety precautions after an accident are similar. However, in case of involvement with an intoxicated driver, there are few more precautions. Especially when the negligent driver is confrontational. It can lead to more dangerous outcomes.

Following steps can be taken after the accident:

  • Assess Your Injuries and Damages:

It is necessary to examine yourself for physical injuries and whether you can easily move out from the vehicle. If you can move, then you should immediately go to the side of the road, away from traffic. In case you suffered serious injuries and you cannot move, it’s better to stay in your position.

  • Call for Medical Help:

You should call medical services for help. You may have suffered from serious injuries that need immediate treatment. Police and a medical team should be at the scene of the incident to document important information and provide treatment.

  • Talk to the Police:

Do not speculate about the things you have witnessed. Instead, provide accurate details and information of the accident to the police. The police report should include all the things that happened at the scene.

  • Information from Witnesses:

At the accident scene, if there are witnesses, you should get complete information from them. It is recommended to exchange contact information with them to gain further details. The contact information will be helpful in claim proceedings. Moreover, encourage the witnesses to provide a statement to the police.

  • Remain at the Scene after Accident:

Wait at the accident scene to receive medical care after the accident. You should stay to provide information to the police. If you are stable, try to document the scene yourself by taking photos of the accident scene, the injuries you suffered, property damages, and other contributing factors to the accident.

  • Contact Information of Other Driver:

If it is safe to talk to the negligent driver, then you should obtain their contact information. If the negligent driver is unstable, confrontational, and not logical due to intoxication, then avoid talking to them.

  • Don’t Apologize:

You should avoid apologizing to anyone at the accident scene. Even if you are not at fault for the accident, you may feel the need to apologize. You shouldn’t since apologizing may seem that you are guilty.

  • Hire an Accident Lawyer

Legal representation can help you throughout the process from documentation to gathering evidence to filing for the claim. It can benefit you in attaining the claim as well. Our experienced car accident lawyers are fully prepared to fight for your rights and hold the negligent responsible for their reckless actions.

Get in Touch with an Accident Lawyer in Albany to Know Your Legal Options:

A drunk driving accident in Albany, GA can be a seriously dangerous and traumatic incident for you. Apart from the financial and medical damages, accidents leave emotional trauma. This is the reason why you need a professional drunk driving accident attorney. Our professional attorneys have years of experience and the right skills to provide you justice. Our lawyers will investigate the matter, gather necessary information and evaluate the compensation you deserve.

If you or your loved ones have suffered from a drunk driving accident, get in touch with one of our Georgia car accident attorneys to know your legal rights. We ensure that you receive the compensation you need.

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