Why Eyewitness’ Testimony May Help Your Car Accident Claim

Accidents can be messy, especially if several vehicles are involved. In such scenarios where numerous drivers can be blamed for the crash, the statement of an eyewitness helps a lot. In fact, the testimony of an eyewitness makes a car accident claim in Georgia much stronger. When a third party can explain the situation, things get clearer. Moreover, an eyewitnesses’ statement serves as a piece of key evidence to prove the other party’s fault. They could reveal crucial details about the car accident claim that the victims might have missed. Once a witness gives a statement in your support, your chances of winning the case increase exponentially.

Sometimes, extremely complicated cases become easier to solve with the help of key witnesses. In addition, if more than one witness is present at the accident site, they should all be contacted to prove innocence. However, connecting to these people requires hard work. Thus, a crash survivor should hire an attorney who can manage these steps and collect statements.

Nearly 1,377 fatal crashes were registered in Georgia in 2019. Hundreds of people suffered major injuries and had to face huge losses. Amongst these car accident claims, many involved several motor vehicles, which made the case extremely complex. If one cannot determine the true culprit, then the chances of being compensated are close to impossible. So, finding key witnesses is crucial for your win. To do so, you need extra help, which can be taken from your lawyer.

Who Can Be Potential Eyewitnesses for Your Car Accident Claim in Georgia?

A car accident claim in Georgia or anywhere else can only be won with the help of proof or evidence. Therefore, a person should immediately start finding eyewitnesses who were present at the scene. It’s essential to choose the right kind of witness because any type of fabrication of events results in loss of your credibility. Your witness can be:

  • People living nearby the crash site
  • Third-party drivers/passengers nearby
  • Individuals running businesses or shops nearby
  • Any pedestrians who witnessed the entire scene
  • Individuals who came up to help the victims

The most credible witnesses are those who were present on the scene the entire time. Their presence means they were able to see the driver who caused the incident.

Can the Passengers with the Victim Be Used as Key Witnesses?

It’s good to consider nearby key witnesses because they are aware of the details of your crash. Moreover, the testimony of anyone riding along with the victim might be considered biased. Insurance companies and the other party at fault will try to emphasize the fact that the passenger isn’t completely honest. In addition to this, they try to label the passenger’s statements as an exaggeration. So, it is better to keep your focus on third-party witnesses.

Can a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Help Me Collect Testimonies?

Your lawyer will help you at every step of the case. From collecting evidence to filing the claim, they do it all for you. Similarly, they also facilitate you in the collection of testimonies. Attorneys ask around, gather evidence, search for the key witnesses and record their stories. In some cases, your lawyer might even convince certain people to appear in court to narrate the truth.

Along with your attorney, you could obtain statements yourself as well. If you do not suffer from a severe injury and can move around, ask the nearby individuals for their contact information. Crash survivors can even approach bystanders for their statements and convince them to come to court. All of these things should only be done when the injuries are negligent. Anyone suffering from concussions or pain should get to a hospital instead of roaming around.

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Testimonies play a vital role in deciding any matter, especially a car accident claim. If you are hurt due to another person’s negligence, you deserve full compensation. You can hire the best accident attorneys in Georgia to fight your case. At our firm, we believe in helping our clients till the very last moment. Therefore, our legal team manages the entire process themselves. They collect testimonies on your behalf and arrange for key witnesses to appear in court.

It’s not easy to fight against the wrongdoer, especially when multiple people are involved in the incident. Therefore, let your attorney handle these matters. Our seasoned team gives the best advice to all its clients and prepares them for every possible outcome. You can call us today to set up a free consultation session with one of our legal representatives.

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