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Couple asking if mediation necessary or even helpful.

Georgia Divorce Lawyer Q&A: Is Mediation Necessary or Helpful?

Sometimes, when divorcing spouses cannot agree, Georgia judges will recommend mediation so you might be asking is mediation necessary or even helpful. In other situations, the spouses hire divorce lawyers and the latter end up fulfilling the role of mediators, among others. There are also cases when divorcing spouses participate in mediation voluntarily, in an…

Lawyer telling client why he needs car accident lawyer

How Can I Tell If I Need a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer?

Some Georgia car accident cases are indeed simple and easy to handle even for someone with no legal knowledge. These are usually cases involving property damage only or minimum losses that would not justify paying for the services of an Albany car accident lawyer. But when you were directly involved in the accident, assessing how…

Picture of a person learning his claim was denied

Can a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Help Me If My Insurance Claim Was Denied?

Did you file a car accident claim by yourself, only to have it denied by the insurance company? Albany, GA, insurers deny compensation claims all the time. Sometimes, their decisions are justified but many times they just exploit any opportunity to minimize their losses. One thing is certain: you should not give up your claim…

Driver calling his lawyer after a car accident to find out what type of damages he can recover

What Type of Damages Can a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Recover?

Generally, after an Albany, GA, car accident, victims have the right to recover any damages they incurred due to the accident. The types of damages and the corresponding amounts will vary from one case to another. The best way to assess the value of a claim is to consult an Albany car accident lawyer. The…

Person decided to see a doctor after a car accident

When Should I See a Doctor after an Albany Car Accident?

Were you involved in a car accident? Georgia law requires that you pull over, help the injured, and give your information to the others involved. It does not say anything about contacting a Georgia car accident lawyer or if you should see a doctor but you should, as soon as possible. Having your health condition…

Are Georgia Car Accident Attorney Fees Worth Paying?

Are Georgia Car Accident Attorney Fees Worth Paying?

When injured in traffic, many Georgians avoid consulting an Albany car accident attorney. They do so because they fear lawyer fees and they are not fully aware of their rights. This approach ends up hurting their case for several reasons. On one hand, claimants who do not work with an auto accident lawyer often settle…