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Can a lawyer tell me when should I file a car accident lawsuit

Can a Car Accident Lawyer in Albany Tell Me When Should I File a Car Accident Lawsuit?

When you are involved in a car accident in Georgia, you have a right to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver that caused your crash. You may have injuries or vehicle damages from the accident that deserves compensation. An Albany accident attorney can help you with your case. In most instances, a car accident…

Can my lawyer tell me how long I can receive alimony after divorce

Can My Divorce Lawyer in Albany Tell Me How Long Do Can I Receive Alimony After a Divorce?

Getting a divorce is never easy. There are a myriad of legal details and the separation of assets that can cause issues between spouses. One of the issues that many spouses looking to get a divorce often wonder about is alimony. Alimony is used to provide a spouse with financial assistance to maintain the same…

Couple getting a divorce seeking answers from our Divorce Lawyers in Albany

Can Text Messages Be Used To Prove Adultery in Georgia Divorce Cases?

While going through a divorce is challenging and difficult, when it also includes adultery, it can be devastating. You may know that your spouse was cheating on you, but you are unsure of how to prove this information to the court. Over the course of time, you may have exchanged text messages with your spouse…

Driver using a phone while driving

How Does an Albany Automobile Accident Attorney Prove Distracted Driving by the Other Driver?

Despite the daily reminders not to do it, people still text and drive. Distracted driving is a problem no matter where you go in this country. Aside from drunk driving, distracted driving is the most common cause of car accidents in this country. Over 25% of all accident fatalities are the result of distracted driving.…

Why Doesn't My Georgia Car Accident Attorney Want to go to Court?

Why Does My Albany Car Accident Lawyer Refuse to Take My Case to Court?

When filing an insurance claim is not an option, going to court could be your only chance of recovering your losses. However, your Georgia car accident attorney may not like the idea of a court trial.  They should, of course, explain their reasons, and you should wait to hear what they have to say before…