Who Is Liable for a Georgia Auto Accident Involving a Rental Car?

During the month of December, many people start the holiday season to visit family and friends. It is likely that the citizens use rental car services for their inter-state travel, thereby increasing the possibility of a Georgia auto accident.

Did you know how to seek compensation if you were in an accident with a rental car? What insurance does the rental car company provide?

Whether you have questions about liability or need help filing a compensation claim, our auto accident lawyers are prepared to assist you. The preliminary sessions conducted by our attorneys will be at no cost.

In Georgia, this year’s vacation period saw 18 road deaths, 2,401 traffic accidents, and 1,012 injuries, according to the Department of Public Safety. Last year alone, 2,469 vacation accidents occurred in Georgia.

What Are Your Options to Recover Compensation?

No matter where they are in the United States, Georgia drivers may not need to purchase additional rental car insurance. As long as your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy has adequate limits, the insurance company will cover medical bills and other damages.

You can purchase insurance coverage from the car rental company if you do not have car insurance and wish to benefit from PIP. While this is true, it is still permissible to drive a rental car in Georgia even if you have not obtained insurance coverage from the rental company.

Additional Insurance Coverage:

The rental car company may still offer you additional coverage if you would like to increase your total amount of coverage. Purchasing additional PIP increases your PIP limits, even if you are already entitled to PIP benefits. Your rental car company may be able to help you determine whether a collision or comprehensive coverage is included in your insurance policy.

Coverage With Your Credit Card:

You should be aware that if you pay for your rental car with a credit card, you may already have excess collision insurance. The car rental company may not require you to purchase this waiver.

In contrast to many states, car rental companies do not automatically include the state’s minimum liability insurance requirements in their standard contracts. For this reason, it may be necessary for you to purchase insurance from the rental agency if you are from outside the state.

Determining Who Pays for Damages after a Georgia Auto Accident:

It is still necessary that you correctly calculate your liability after a Georgia auto accident even if you plan to be reimbursed by your own insurance.

  • Who Was in the Rental Car?

Before determining who drives the rented vehicle at the time of the accident, it is crucial to note if the policy only covers licensed and authorized drivers. Therefore, if someone behind the wheel is not listed as a licensed driver and causes a Georgia auto accident, the insurance company may not accept liability for the collision, and you may need to seek compensation directly from the driver responsible for your damages.

You might be entitled to reimbursement from the driver’s liability insurance if the other driver is at fault and crashes into your rental vehicle.

  • Does the Driver Reside in Another State?

If the person renting the vehicle is an out-of-state driver who has not obtained the necessary insurance to meet the state’s minimum requirements, you may be able to make a claim against liability insurance civil out-of-state. Almost all states, except for 13 others, had clean records, so a driver from another city has a high likelihood of having liability insurance.

Can the Car Rental Company Be Held Liable by an Albany Car Accident Attorney?

In the case where negligence or carelessness is discovered on part of the rental company, it may be liable for damages. A law passed in 2015 demonstrates that any car that was recalled due to technical or mechanical errors should not be rented out to customers.

You may be able to claim compensation directly from a rental car company if you were injured in an accident caused by an error in an impaired vehicle that was not rectified before renting it out.

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Victims of auto accidents involving rental vehicles may benefit from the assistance of a Georgia accident lawyer because the legal procedures for such accidents can be complicated.

Rental car accidents can be complex. Victims who seek legal assistance can often receive more compensation.

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