One Dead Following Laurens County Traffic Wreck Involving Three Tractor-Trailers

One person died after three tractor-trailers crashed in Laurens County. The collision happened on Tuesday, November 30th. Following too closely appears to have caused the Laurens County traffic wreck.

On Wednesday, December 1st, the Georgia State Patrol released an unfinished report containing the details of the preliminary investigation. The report stated that at about 12:12 p.m. on Tuesday, the GSP Post 20 Dublin began investigating a fatal accident on Interstate 16 near mile marker 40. 

The investigators said they believed traffic was slowing and getting directed to the left lane due to road maintenance on the right lane. However, a tractor-trailer driver failed to see the slowed traffic and struck another tractor-trailer from behind. The first tractor-trailer then veered to the left, striking a third tractor-trailer in the rear. 

The tractor-trailer that started the accident then burst into flames, killing the driver. The state patrol did not release the deceased driver’s identity, and the investigation into the Laurens County traffic wreck is ongoing. 

Following too closely or tailgating is one of the common causes of road traffic accidents. When a driver follows another vehicle without leaving adequate space, they will be unable to stop in time to avoid a collision in case of an emergency. As a result, tailgating often leads to a rear-end collision. 

In rear-end crashes, the driver at the back is most likely the fault party. However, there are times where the motorist in the vehicle in front could be responsible. Thus, it is vital to identify the proper fault party to allow the victim to get financial compensation. Getting this settlement is easier when victims work with an attorney. 

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