Lee County Magistrate Court

About Lee County Magistrate Court

The Lee County Magistrate Court is a court of limited jurisdiction, encompassing criminal and civil responsibilities as outlined by the official Code of Georgia Annotated, Section 15-10-2.

In criminal jurisdiction, the court issues arrest and search warrants, good behavior bonds, and conducts various hearings and trials for county ordinance violations, misdemeanor offenses, and other specified cases.

In civil jurisdiction, the court oversees the trial and adjudication of civil claims amounting to $15,000 or less, along with handling dispossessory and distress proceedings, as well as garnishments.


  • Jim Thurman, Chief Magistrate Court Judge
  • Carla Brown, Associate Judge

Location & Contact Information

104 A Leslie Highway
Leesburg, Georgia 31763

Phone: 229-759-6016 / 229-759-6031


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