Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Q&A: What Are the Main Laws Governing Traffic Accidents in Albany?

Dougherty County drivers get involved in traffic accidents every day. When the worst happens, the best strategy is to contact an Albany car accident lawyer. However, some knowledge of Georgia laws can make a huge difference at the accident scene and afterward.

Drivers who know their rights and obligations are more likely to act responsibly and pay attention to details. They make fewer mistakes, gather valuable evidence, and have an easier time recovering damages. Here are some of the laws every driver in Albany should be familiar with.

Laws Any Driver Involved in an Albany Car Accident Should Know

Hit-and-Run in Case of an Albany Car Accident

When accidents occur, many drivers give in to stress and panic and leave the scene. What they do not realize is that doing so is illegal and will hurt their case. That is why Georgia Code section 40-6-270 is so important. It dictates how drivers should act at the scene of the accident. According to it, drivers should:

  • Stop at the scene or as close to it as possible
  • Give their name, address, and vehicle registration number
  • Show their driving license
  • Assist the injured
  • Report the accident to the authorities

Although the law does not mention it, they should also call a Georgia car accident lawyer to defend their interests.

If you’re interested in learning more about what you need to do to file an auto accident lawsuit in Georgia, visit this page.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in Georgia

Liability insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicles circulating on Georgia roads. According to the Department of Insurance, the minimum coverage is as follows:

  • $25,000/person for injury or death
  • $50,000/event for injury or death
  • $25,000/event for property damage

Insurance coverage is one of the first things a Georgia car accident lawyer will check. This information is important for drivers for two reasons:

  1. On one hand, drivers need to make sure they comply with the law. If they cause an accident, the insurance policy will cover the damages.
  2. On the other hand, they need to find out if the other driver is insured. If they are not, they may have to seek compensation from their own insurer or in civil court.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations dictates how long accident victims have to seek compensation for their injuries. According to Georgia Code section 9-3-33, the period is two years for accident injuries. For loss of consortium following the injuries, the deadline may go up to four years. Vehicle damage claims have up to four years as well.

However, any Georgia car accident attorney will advise against waiting that long. It is better to take action sooner, while the evidence is still fresh and witnesses recall the events.

Modified Comparative Fault

Under Georgia law, all the parties involved in an Albany car accident can share fault for it. In order to determine compensation rights and value, the court will compare fault. Each party involved will be responsible for a share of the damages equal to their fault percentage. If the damages they incurred are higher than the ones they are responsible for, they can claim compensation.

However, those who are more at fault than the other parties involved in the accident may lose their right to recovery. This is what Georgia Code section 51-11-7 suggests, and any Georgia car accident attorney knows from experience.

Why Consult a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer?

Knowing these laws may help drivers involved in car accidents protect their interest. However, it is not enough to guarantee full recovery of their damages. In Georgia, the burden of proof falls on the claimant. The compensation they can recover will depend on the evidence they can provide.

Thus, accident victims will still need help proving fault and documenting their damages. This help can only come from an experienced Georgia car accident attorney. Besides helping with evidence, the latter will handle formalities and negotiations with the defendant.

If you were the victim of an Albany car accident, you now know the main laws governing your case. To make sure you recover your losses, avoid hassles and avoid delays, you should consult a Georgia car accident lawyer.

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