Mistakes People Can Avoid During Their Divorce

Going through a divorce is an extremely stressful and difficult period in someone’s life. The emotions of anger, sadness, and guilt that the parties of a divorce experience may lead to mistakes with long-lasting undesirable results.

It is really easy to make mistakes when dealing with the numerous and detailed processes needed to successfully divorce. If you are going through a divorce, it is best to consult an experienced divorce lawyer in Albany and avoid mistakes that may cost you financially and emotionally.

This article discusses some common mistakes people make when undergoing a divorce and ways to avoid them.

Do Not Base Your Actions On Anger, Revenge, or Guilt

Making decisions while being emotional and angry is one of the most common mistakes people make when going through a divorce. It is entirely justifiable to undergo strong emotions when handling a divorce situation. Sometimes, things can get ugly between the two parties. However, no decisions should be made while feeling like this. It is best to consult a lawyer or a family counselor and make sure that your divorce choices are based on reason.

Seek Legal Advice

Your family and friends are not qualified to advise you about your divorce. Even though they may have been through divorce themselves, each case is different with serious legal aspects concerning your children’s future and your financial assets. It is crucial to consult a divorce lawyer about your rights and responsibilities during the divorce process.

Moreover, your spouse may try to convince you not to hire a lawyer, or they may believe that one lawyer can represent both of you. This is a common mistake couples make when going through a divorce process, leading them to enter a disadvantageous agreement. It is in your best interest to hire your independent attorney to represent your interests.

Do Not Agree To A One-Sided Settlement Agreement

If you sign the first agreement they present to you just because you want the process to be completed quickly, you will most probably regret it. It is almost impossible to undo an agreement you voluntarily entered. In such a case, you will be negatively affected by your rushed decisions.

Read All Paperwork Carefully Before Signing Anything

Even lawyers can make mistakes. Lawyers are people, and people sometimes make mistakes. Therefore, you should make sure that you read all your documents carefully before you sign them. Especially when your opponent’s lawyers draft these agreements, you must check that all information is accurate and represents precisely your situation.

Remember to Include the Taxes When Drafting Your Divorce Papers

When creating a divorce settlement agreement, you should take into consideration the taxes. A divorce agreement involves dividing assets and spouse and child support. Dividing money and assets may implicate taxes that you should calculate and avoid any unpleasant consequences. Any retirement or pension plans division may result in tax obligations, and you have to consider these when drafting your divorce settlement agreement.

Communication With Your Spouse

Keep an open channel of communication with your spouse. Often, people in the process of divorce refuse to speak to one another. This kind of behavior can make the procedures difficult and result in long-lasting court battles. The best divorce settlements occur when spouses are willing and able to communicate with one another. Discussing what you want as an outcome of your settlement is extremely helpful and will save you both time and money.

Do Not Rush Into Dating Again

It is best to avoid dating before your divorce is final. If you start a new romantic relationship while you are still married to your spouse, it may be used against you in court. This is a common and dangerous mistake people make during their divorce. Your spouse may get angry and act revengefully. Furthermore, your children may be affected negatively. A new person entering their lives too soon will possibly confuse and traumatize them.

Be Honest With Your Lawyer

Your divorce lawyer will use the information you give them to build your case. If you fail to provide accurate information about your situation, you may negatively affect your case’s results. Ensure that you disclose all details to your divorce attorney to avoid unpleasant surprises during your divorce process that may lead to irreversible consequences. Your attorney is there to help you. You should be open and honest with them to represent you and your interests in the best possible way.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer in Albany, GA

Family law is complicated. A divorce attorney can help you ensure that all your papers are filled in correctly and that your communication between you and your spouse will be civil and calm.

Contact today the Joe Durham Jr., P.C Firm for a free consultation. Our team of divorce lawyers in Albany, GA, will help you prepare for your future after divorce by evaluating the proposed settlements and how they may impact your financial health.

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