Divorce Common Mistakes & Myths in Columbus, GA

A divorce in Columbus, GA, can be prolonged if either party makes these common mistakes that can extend their case. Unnecessary complications prolong the case, making it costly and time-consuming. Moreover, myths related to divorce also contribute to disruptions in divorce cases.

Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce in Columbus, GA:

Here are 6 mistakes to avoid during a divorce in Columbus.

1. Secretly Planning a Divorce:

Both individuals need to be on the same page regarding what is going on. This should not be a secretive process on behalf of one spouse. They should discuss their intentions and plans before going forward with a divorce in Columbus.

2. Giving Too Much Time to Your Spouse to Accept the Decision:

You should tell your spouse your intentions directly and honestly. The longer you wait for them to accept the situation, the more prolonged the whole process will become.

3. Abusing, Blaming, and Ending Things on a Bad Note:

There is no point in using harsh words or actions when ending a relationship, especially if you have children. You might feel better by confessing about your past mistakes. However, the reaction of your spouse may complicate things in the future.

4. Not Reaching an Agreement:

This only makes the situation more problematic. Your position may be justified, but it is not a wise decision to keep disagreeing with everything. This not only wastes your time but money and energy too.

5. Starting a New Relationship Before the Divorce is Final:

This does not directly affect the outcome of the case, however, it can make the other party upset or angry. These emotions will come through during negotiations and make the whole process complex.

6. Continued Fighting Even After the Divorce in Columbus:

Holding on to negative feelings and the past does not help the present. Repeatedly fighting over the same issues is not a positive approach. This will affect your future life. In case you have children, the continued fighting will have a bad impact on them.

Common Myths Debunked by Divorce Lawyers in Columbus, GA:

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding divorce. Here, we look at the truth.

  • Alimony is Bad for the Paying Party:

Alimony poses a legal obligation on a person to provide financial support to their spouse during or after separation or divorce in Columbus. This may also include child support payments. Surprisingly, this can save money for the paying spouse as it is exempted from tax.

  • Preparing for Everything Before Revealing Your Decision:

Many people believe they should gather documents, set money aside, and prepare themselves before talking to their spouses. In some cases, this can be a wise thing to do, depending on the circumstances and the nature of your spouse.

Discussing your feelings and decisions can help make the entire process smoother. This time is an emotional rollercoaster for both parties, which can make reaching an agreement difficult. If your partner has no idea of what is happening, they may react harshly and make the settlement complex.

  • Filing the Case First is Always Better:

Usually, it does not make a huge difference by who files first. In some cases, it can be beneficial if you want to take back the case or present your case first in a trial. Otherwise, it is not a big deal.

  • Get Even with Your Partner:

Treating your partner in the same ruthless way they are treating you is not a solution. Refuse to engage in any shallow attempts of arguing or fighting. You should stand your ground and try to move the situation in a positive direction.

  • Bad Child-Raising Abilities Before the Divorce Mean Poor Parenting Subsequently:

Poor parenting before the divorce is not a good indicator of how things will be after the divorce in Columbus. Generally, many individuals become better parents after a divorce as they want to be connected even while living apart.

  • Get into a New Relationship Immediately:

This can stir up anger, jealousy, and sadness which can spoil negotiations that may have been moving in the right direction.

How Can a Divorce Lawyer in Columbus, GA, Help You?

Getting a divorce is a complex process, even if both parties have mutually agreed on it. Starting from legal issues to custody, alimony, and miscommunication, divorces can be very overwhelming. A divorce lawyer in Columbus, GA fights for your rights, takes care of all tedious paperwork and properly presents your case in court.

At Joe Durham Jr., P.C., we fight for our client’s rights and get them the best outcome for their case. Contact us today for a free case review, and allow our divorce attorneys in Columbus, GA to take the burden off your shoulders.

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