Mitchell County State Court

About the Mitchell County State Court

The Mitchell County State Court is dedicated to serving the citizens of Mitchell County and members of the Bar by delivering justice of the highest quality in a courteous, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

The court aims to accurately and promptly handle, process, index, and schedule litigation within its jurisdiction while administering its duties professionally, recognizing its role in conducting the public’s business.

Operating under the laws of the State of Georgia, the State Court handles all criminal cases below the felony grade. Additionally, the Mitchell County State Court presides over all civil actions, irrespective of the amount of controversy involved.

This encompasses attachments, garnishments, proceedings against tenants, foreclosures, and other actions where jurisdiction does not fall under the Superior Court.

The primary role of the State Court is to provide a platform for resolving disputes between individuals or between the state and individuals.

It holds jurisdiction over misdemeanors (crimes punishable by twelve months of incarceration or less) and civil cases (unlimited in dollar amount), running concurrently with the Superior Court, except for cases involving divorce, titles to land, and equity, which are exclusively reserved for the Superior Court.

The Mitchell County State Court also features a specialized treatment court division for criminal defendants dealing with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

Judges & Staff

  • Judge Richard Waters, Jr.
  • Lisa Shiver – Administrative Assistant

Location & Contact Information

30 North Court Ave
Camilla, Georgia 31730

Phone: 229-336-2040


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