Personal Injury Attorney in Albany: Common Misconceptions

Most of what people know about personal injury law they picked up on television. There have been so many court dramas on television over the last twenty years, it is hard to keep track. These shows give people a false impression of how the legal process works.

When people come to our office to meet with an Albany personal injury attorney, they are often surprised that the reality is very different. We will discuss some of the more common myths people hold about personal injury lawsuits. We will dispel these myths and explain how things work in the real world.

Expecting a Settlement of Over a Million Is Not Realistic

When we first meet with a client, we explain that very few cases ever settle for more than a million dollars. In fact, most personal injury lawyers are lucky to have one or two cases settle for that much in their careers.

When your personal injury attorney negotiates a settlement in your case, they know they aren’t going to get your full demand. The whole point of settling a personal injury lawsuit is that both sides compromise in order to resolve the matter out of court.

In order for your case to be settled for a million dollars, your total damages would have to be closer to $2 million. It is very difficult to substantiate damages for this amount in a personal injury case.

Most People Assume That Their Case Will Go to Trial

Another misconception a lot of people have when it comes to their personal injury lawsuit is that it will go to trial. Some of our clients envision their Albany personal injury lawyer standing in front of a jury arguing their case. They think there will be a jury in the box waiting with bated breath for the attorneys to argue. The truth is that most personal injury cases do not go before a jury.

For starters, more than 95% of these cases settle long before trial. And, of those cases that do go before a judge, very few involve a jury. Our personal injury attorneys in Albany tend to waive the right to a jury trial. It helps resolve the case a lot faster. Plus, since the odds of your case going to trial are slim, you probably won’t have to worry about whether you’ll have a jury trial or not.

Albany Personal Injury Lawyer - personal injury misconceptions

Your Albany Personal Injury Lawyers Know You Want Compensation – Not Justice

It almost seems taboo to admit this, but most of our clients aren’t looking for justice. It would be admirable if they did. However, what they really care about is getting compensation for their injuries.

People don’t hire an Albany personal injury lawyer because they want the defendant to be held morally or legally accountable. All they want is somebody to confirm that the defendant did something that caused their injuries and that they’ll have to pay for it.

It is important to remember that your personal injury attorney in Albany can only get you compensation for injuries you actually suffered. For example, if the only injury you sustained in a car accident is whiplash, you can’t expect to get more than a few thousand dollars.

Even that is being generous. Of course, any medical bills you paid (or your insurance carrier paid) will have to be paid back. However, when it comes to the other types of damages, you can’t expect to collect a ton of money for a minor injury like whiplash.

Your Personal Injury Attorney in Albany’s Job Is to Make You Whole – Not Rich

Sometimes it is hard explaining to our clients that they can’t expect to receive an incredible amount of money. It is not enough that you were involved in an accident. If you didn’t suffer any serious injuries, you can’t expect to receive all that much in the way of compensation.

In fact, if your accident is very minor, it may not even make sense for an Albany personal injury lawyer to represent you. By the time all is said and done, there may be nothing left for your attorney to collect. Your case has to be worth a substantial amount if you expect a personal injury attorney in Albany to handle it for you.

Lawyers Can’t Say Exactly How Much Your Case Worth

As much as we would love to tell you exactly how much your case is worth, no respectable attorney would make that kind of guarantee. Nor can we tell you exactly how long it will take for your case to settle. All we can do is let you know if your claim is strong enough to pursue. We can also give you a ballpark figure as to what your case may be worth.

The idea that Albany personal injury lawyers have a crystal ball and can tell you right off the bat what your case is worth is a myth.

The Best Thing You Can Do is Talk to One of Our Albany Personal Injury Lawyers

You may not be sure what to do after your accident. In our opinion, the best thing you can do is call one of our personal injury lawyers in Albany. You should take the time to sit down and speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Once you’ve done that, you’ll realize that most of your questions and concerns have been answered.

However, if you still have questions or concerns about your own case, you should contact our office. We offer all new clients a free, initial consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys in Albany. This way, you can get an idea of whether your case is worth pursuing.

Since the consultation is free, and since we don’t charge you anything upfront, you have nothing to lose.

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