Average Cost of a Personal Injury Case: What to Expect?

When you read the title of this article, you probably thought it was just another way for us to lure potential clients onto our website. This is because on television, you probably see half a dozen advertisements per day from law firms telling you that you don’t pay anything upfront in your personal injury case.

Our personal injury lawyers in Columbus haven’t collected a fee upfront on a personal injury case in quite some time. It’s simply not the way that these cases are treated anymore.

What we always suggest is that a client first call our office and schedule their free, initial consultation. Once you’ve set your appointment, you can start putting together all the information that’s related to your case. This may include a variety of things including some of the following:

  • Any letters or copies of emails you received from the insurance company or their attorney
  • any other correspondence related to your claim including your letter of denial
  • any pictures you have of the accident or your injuries
  • screen prints of any social media posts you have seen about your case
  • any other information that feels relevant to your case

Our goal is to craft a strong initial complaint so that you have a chance of settling your case up front.

Every Case is Unique So There’s No Way to Know for Sure

One thing about personal injury cases is that they are all different. Your Columbus injury lawyer can probably pick out a unique piece of evidence for every case they’ve ever handled. And your case is no different. When you first come into the office and bring us any paperwork you have, we can do a thorough review of your correspondence.

In order for your Columbus injury lawyer to determine the approximate value of your case, they will need to see any relevant information you have including the following:

  • any letters you have received regarding your accident
  • any correspondence between yourself and the insurance company or the defendant’s attorney
  • copies of your medical bills and a copy of your medical records if possible
  • any receipts you have for bills you have paid out of pocket
  • a copy of the police report

Once our Columbus injury lawyer has had a chance to review all this information, they will have a much better idea of what your case is worth. While they will never be able to give you an exact amount for what they think your case will set up for, you now at least have a general idea of what your case is worth before you leave.

There Are 5 Main Types of Damages Your Columbus Injury Lawyer Will Pursue

If you do decide to file a personal injury case, it’s because you want to receive damages for your injuries. In most personal injury cases, our clients are entitled to some or all of the following.

Medical Bills and Future Medical Bills

The defendant and their insurance carrier, if they had one, will be responsible for any medical bills you experienced as a result of your accident. This includes any medical bills for things like surgery, ambulance rides, and doctors’ copays.

Property Damage

If your car was damaged or destroyed as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to damages for the value of your vehicle

Lost Wages

If your injury keeps you out of work for more than a couple of months, you may be entitled to damages for lost wages.

Lost Future Income

If your accident is so serious that you end up with a permanent disability, you may not be able to work at all. If this is the case, your personal injury lawyer in Columbus will demand compensation for lost future income.

This is equal to the difference between what you would have earned before the accident and what you will now earn because of the accident.

Pain and Suffering

Depending on the seriousness of your injuries, you may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering. These damages are intended to compensate you for any mental and physical language you suffered in the accident.

How Strong is Your Evidence?

One thing that could impact the value of your case is the strength of your evidence. Obviously, your personal injury lawyer in Columbus would like to have as much evidence as possible. Any lawyer would be happy with more information as opposed to less.

To have your lawsuit survive an initial motion of dismissal, your attorney will need enough in the way of opposing evidence to prove that your case has value. Certain things can impact how strong the evidence in the case may be. These include the following:

  • Did you wait too long to meet with an experienced Columbus injury lawyer? This can cause the evidence to become stale.
  • Have any witnesses to your case backed out and notified you that they refuse to have anything to do with your case?
  • Have you received any information that the insurance company is closing its doors or filing bankruptcy?
  • Did you post about the accident on social media, and somebody read it and shared it online?

Even if you’re not an attorney, you can probably figure out the things that could injure your case and not help it. While everyone expects damages in their personal injury lawsuit, you must also be realistic.

When You Settle Your Case, Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Columbus Will Be Paid First

When you do decide to settle your case, it will take around 30 to 60 days to receive the insurance proceeds. The first person who is paid when you receive these proceeds will be your Columbus injury attorney. They are allowed to take their fees and costs off the top because they deserve 100% of these monies paid back to the firm

Once the costs are paid, your Columbus injury lawyer will collect their contingency fee based on your agreement. If your case went to trial, this was probably closer to 40%. Whatever is left after that amount will be used to spend any outstanding bills surrounding your case with you keeping the residual.

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