Police in Covington Rescue Suspect from Burning Car

Police in Covington have revealed details of a chase that ended in a fiery crash in Newton County in late June.

A number of officers sustained minor burn injuries as they rescued the suspected car thief from his vehicle.

In an article published on July 14, Officer Keith Waddell said the incident was scary and the officers had to switch quickly from attempting to detain Billy Campbell to saving his life.

Waddell received injuries to his arm and the back of his neck.

According to police in Covington, the accident took place on June 28 on Turner Lake Road, close to Clark Street.

A video released by police showed officers rushing to contain the blaze and extricate Campbell who was crying out for help.

The Georgia State Patrol said the officers were able to get Campbell halfway out of the vehicle but his feet remained trapped because the driver had crashed into a tree.

Waddell said the flames grew quickly and then there was an explosion. However, he said the driver missed a lot of the impact because he was lying down.

Police said it all began when Campbell was spotted driving a stolen security vehicle. The chase involved the Covington Police Department, the GSP, and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

Campbell’s arrest warrant indicates that GSP officers tried PIT maneuvers twice. On the second try, he allegedly struck a police vehicle and injured an officer before he crashed head-on into a tree.

None of the officers received serious injuries.

Campbell is facing numerous charges including obstruction of law enforcement, reckless driving, and interference with government property.

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Source: https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/officers-rescue-suspected-car-thief-from-burning-car-after-police-chase


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