Things to Know Before Preliminary Hearings in Albany Divorces

A divorce is a complicated procedure that drains people emotionally and physically. It’s not easy to imagine oneself at such a point. However, one cannot ignore reality. The rate of divorce has steadily increased during the last few years. With this prevailing situation, it’s good to have an insight into certain things before attending a preliminary hearing in an Albany divorce.

Divorces are difficult to go through, and both sides need to be well prepared. Once someone files for a divorce, they will have to show up on the court at some point. So, discuss things with your lawyers before a divorce hearing.

Being nervous or worried about your first court date is expected. It can be a little intimidating, but being prepared in advance saves people from making blunders. Georgia has one of the highest divorce rates. Even a simple divorce is nothing less than a rocky road, so educating oneself helps ease the mind.

Important Points to Ponder Over Before a Preliminary Hearing in an Albany Divorce:

Divorce proceedings can be difficult to bear, but understanding the following things can make things simpler:

1. Is a Preliminary Hearing Required?

Couples need to make sure that they need a preliminary hearing in an Albany divorce. Sometimes, when there are kids involved or both parties share a house, such hearings are necessary. However, if both sides have nothing in common, there is no point in such meetings.

Likewise, those couples who have shared decades can think over a preliminary hearing, but couples whose marriage lasted a few months can avoid such sessions. It’s not difficult to determine the need for a hearing, but just to be sure, discuss it with a legal professional.

2. How is a Preliminary Hearing Carried Out?

Preliminary hearings are arranged to set up specific rules until the divorce’s finalization. Before an official divorce, couples get a particular set of instructions that they must follow. It covers all topics regarding asset usage, debt division, custody of children, and living arrangements. If partners share a house, the court asks both sides to live together in harmony until the final decision.

Along with assets and houses, addressing matters related to the children is also a requirement. From the child’s custody to child support payment, every instruction is mentioned in detail. Through these preliminary sessions, courts decide which partner has to pay how much to the other side. It includes the payment of debts, bills, and other living expenses.

3. Why are Such Sessions Helpful?

There is a high probability that two partners would end up fighting over a lot of things without prior hearings. Both sides might disagree on child custody, house division, alimony, and many more points. It would create more tension and frustration between the two sides.

So, with these preliminary sessions, both parties could reach a unanimous decision without too much of a stir. Of course, once the marriage is legally annulled, each side can create a new agreement. However, following a set of rules before that stage is compulsory.

Why Is There a Need for Albany’s Divorce Attorneys?

Finding a good lawyer is essential for winning any case. Without proper representation, a person cannot get their point through nor win the case. Likewise, lawyers make preliminary hearings simpler.

When you have an experienced lawyer by your side, you won’t need to get intimated by the other side. Moreover, your attorney will handle the proceedings, arrange the proofs and prepare documents for custody. Furthermore, he will help you get appropriate alimony and child support.

People are unaware of many aspects related to a divorce proceeding. In such a situation, they can raise these questions with their attorneys. There are also a majority of lawyers who prepare their clients in advance. Even if your lawyer didn’t do so, you could always ask questions from him during an appearance. So, with an attorney by your side, you get extra help and more confidence.

Hiring the Best Divorce Lawyers in Albany, GA:

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