Can Text Messages Be Used To Prove Adultery in Georgia Divorce Cases?

While going through a divorce is challenging and difficult, when it also includes adultery, it can be devastating. You may know that your spouse was cheating on you, but you are unsure of how to prove this information to the court.

Over the course of time, you may have exchanged text messages with your spouse that indicate that they were committing adultery. These text messages are incriminating and can prove that a spouse cheated without them thinking about the consequences.

The court will accept text messages as evidence, and your Albany divorce attorney will use them as part of your case to prove adultery. These messages can easily be copied, printed or uploaded to a computer for evidence. Anything that your spouse may have sent over text or even written to you can be used against them in court, especially to prove they were cheating.

If you know that your spouse is cheating, you may have run across texts on your spouse’s phone from someone other than you. These texts can also be used as evidence in court, and your divorce lawyer in Albany, GA, can request that the court subpoena your spouse’s phone to bring the text messages to court.

Your Albany divorce attorney would subpoena your spouse’s cell phone provider and require that these private messages are revealed. While your spouse’s lawyer may challenge the subpoena request, the judge will decide if their text messages will wind up as evidence in your divorce case.

It is important to note that anything that you write to anyone in a text message can be used as evidence in court later on. There is no limitation to how far back these messages can go, and there is no limit to the number of times that they occur.

Your Albany divorce attorney may ask you if you have any incriminating text messages from your spouse that can help your divorce case. These messages can be key to putting the terms of your divorce in your favor and getting you fair alimony and support.

Let your divorce lawyer in Albany, GA, know if you suspect your spouse has been cheating on you. They will subpoena their phones and get you the evidence you need in your divorce case to prove adultery.

Can a Divorce Lawyer in Albany, GA, Help Me with My Divorce?

Having an Albany divorce attorney on your side can make a big difference in the settlement of your divorce. Divorces are complex legal matters, especially when both parties cannot agree on the terms.

Your divorce lawyer in Albany, GA, will fight to get you a fair settlement that fits your lifestyle and expectations. They will represent you in court and provide you with the legal advice you need to make the right decisions about your divorce.

You can count on your divorce lawyer to get you results in your case. They understand the legal process for divorce and will guide you through the entire process. They will support you and provide you with the legal information you are looking for in your case.

A divorce lawyer in Albany, GA, will hold a consultation with you that will allow you to ask the questions that you have about your case. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, there are laws that will protect you. You do have rights in divorce, and your Albany divorce attorney will help understand those rights.

When you have a divorce lawyer in Albany, GA, on your side, you can rest assured that your case is handled properly. They will build a strong case that wins in court and proves that your spouse was cheating on you. This can provide you the alimony you deserve in your divorce and help you to move forward with your life.

Let your Albany divorce attorney fight for you and win you a fair divorce settlement. You do need the help of a divorce lawyer in Albany, GA. They can make the entire divorce process easier and faster for you. Get the help you need with your divorce by contacting an Albany divorce attorney today.

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