Overview of The Local Divorce Process in Albany, GA

The Local Divorce Process in Albany, GA can become very challenging for the people involved. Initiation of the divorce process requires a lot of strength. Divorce is one of the biggest and emotionally demanding decisions of one’s life. To ensure the process of divorce is set in the right direction and emotions do not manipulate the process, hiring an effective divorce lawyer is necessary. Effective decision-making requires accurate advice from a professional divorce attorney, particularly in a divorce case where children are involved.

In 2017, the reported divorces in Albany were 507, with time the cases are drastically increasing. The reasons have ranged from mere misunderstandings to family pressure, medical reasons, lack of trust, and abusive relations, to name a few.

Types of Divorces:

When it comes to divorces, there are 2 options. These are the following:

  1. Contested Divorce:

A contested divorce is one in which both individuals do not agree on the terms of the divorce, thus, taking the matter to court. The process of contested divorce initiates with pleading and leads to negotiations and discovery. The attorney supports the process by developing settlement plans or proceeding with the matter for trial by providing the court with necessary documents. Contested divorces are time-consuming.

  1. Uncontested Divorce:

The uncontested divorce is the one in which both individuals agree on the terms of divorce including alimony, child custody, child support, property, and debt. The process initiates with preliminary pleadings and documents are provided to the court for decision. There are no trials in case of an uncontested divorce as both parties agree on the terms.

Role of Filing & Responding Spouse in Local Divorce Process in Albany, GA:

The basis and terms of the divorce are put forward by the plaintiff. A spouse who files for divorce is known as the plaintiff. The Local Divorce Process in Albany, GA requires the plaintiff to file the case in the court of their jurisdiction. They also need to identify the name of the other party, their identification, and date of marriage, as well as validate other information. The other spouse gets a specified time period to respond and sign under the local divorce process in Albany. In Albany, the responding spouse gets a time period of 20 days to respond to the case and the signed document is submitted to the court. The responding spouse is known to be a defendant in court. It is the decision of the defendant whether to pursue the negotiations or contest the case of divorce. The plaintiff can also seek divorce if the defendant does not respond to the court within the specified time.

Documents Required by Divorce Lawyers in Albany, GA for the Divorce Process:

The divorce attorney assists the spouse filing for divorce when it comes to the documentation. The necessary documentations are gathered and submitted to the court for approval of the divorce. The common documents required while filing a divorce includes the following:

  • In case of abuse, a police report which confirms the domestic violence
  • Tax documents of the person filing for the divorce
  • Financial statements and documents including credit card statements and bank account details
  • Life insurance documents
  • Health insurance documents
  • Investment documents
  • Property documents
  • Child custody documents
  • Protection order and supporting documents

To proceed with a divorce, the plaintiff needs to live in the state of Albany continuously for more than a year. One of the divorce-seeking parties is required to have lived for 2 years in the state. Moreover, it is necessary for the married couple to either live in the state or the marriage must have been commenced in the state. Moreover, the basis of divorce must have occurred in the state; for instance, domestic violence.

Get in Touch with Divorce Lawyers in Albany, GA:

The trauma and stress brought with the decision of a divorce can get worse due to complications in the filing, terms of negotiations, the costs associated, time, and emotional damages. To protect yourself from all the hassle, it is wise to approach an experienced divorce attorney that can protect the rights of the filing spouse and ease the entire process.

The Local Divorce Process in Albany, GA gets simpler and easier with the support and advice from a professional divorce attorney in Albany, GA.

If you or a loved one are going through the local divorce process in Albany, our team of experts provide the best possible options to cater to your needs. We may not be able to save your marriage but we ensure that your rights will be secured and you will not receive any further emotional stress. Get in touch with us today.

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