Traffic Conditions in Airport Area Improve with the Opening of Exit 3 SB, the New Albany Airport Connector

Traffic conditions in the airport area improve with the opening of exit 3 sb. We all dreaded the busy traffic in the airport area but, starting October 20, things have changed for the better. A new section of the long-planning airport connector has been opened. The new Exit 3, from Adirondack Northway to Albany Shaker Road, is part of a broader $50 million project linking the interstate to Albany International Airport.

It surrounds the back of Desmond Hotel and connects to the Albany Shaker Road new intersection, reducing travel time and decongesting traffic. Before its opening, the area where Albany Shaker, Wolf, and Old Wolf roads come together, close to the four existing Northway ramps, used to be very crowded.

It may take a while before we can see the full benefits of the new exit, though. The Department of Transportation will divert some of the traffic in the area to it in order to complete the other sections of the project.

  • The new Exit 4 will improve access from the Northway’s southbound side to Old Wolf Road.
  • The widening of Albany Shaker Road between Wolf and Meeting House roads will decongest traffic in the area.
  • The new on-ramp Exit 5 will eliminate the need for the off-ramp and improve access to the southbound Northway from Route 155.
  • The on-ramp extension from the north end of Wolf Road to Exit 5 will allow motorists to avoid the hot traffic area.

It should not be long before these sections are opened as well, judging by the progress so far and the works left to be completed. The project is one-year ahead of schedule and said to reach the finish line within only weeks.

It will be a great compliment to the $54.6 million upgrades of terminals and parking areas at the Albany International Airport. We look forward to the improvements in traffic conditions all these works will bring about.

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