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At Joe Durham Jr., P.C., our approach to representing clients is to be sure that our clients know that they have a lawyer who will aggressively represent them and who is not afraid to take their case to trial.  We have extensive experience in handling trials of significant magnitude in various State and Federal Courts.  We also like our clients to know that they are entitled to and should expect individual attention because we know how important their case is.

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A personal injury can happen in many instances like vehicle accidents or accidents at a workplace. Whatever the case may be, it can range from a mild inconvenience to life-long disability. Either way, the duty of care owed to you was breached and you deserve to get compensation for that.

Georgia’s personal injury laws and practical aspects are quite complex to navigate, especially when you need to focus on your recovery. For that reason, you should call our personal injury attorneys for a free consultation to get a clear picture of what you can do and how we can help you.

If you have been in a car accident in Albany Georgia, you need to, first and foremost, contact the police and get medical, attention. Once you are discharged and have all the documents, you should contact our car accident lawyers. At Joe Durham, we have a lot of experience dealing with car wrecks and helping the victims get the compensation they deserve.

Our first consultation is free, and we will let you know how strong your chances are and how much you can recover. Once you retain us, we will fight to protect your legal rights to the best of our ability.

Doctors are supposed to be the people you trust with your life. Which is why it is especially devastating when their own negligence causes you an injury. The adverse consequences can arise at any time after a procedure – even after the two years’ deadline for claims. If that had happened to you, please contact us as soon as possible.

We will do our best to prove the negligence and the circumstance to ensure you get what you are entitled to. Our lawyers have a lot of experience with medical malpractice cases and it would be our pleasure to help you, too.

Divorces are painful and hard to overcome. It is especially hard to invite strangers to meddle, like attorneys. However, hiring one of our divorce attorneys can make a huge difference. We will handle all the paperwork, the appointments, and the like while you concentrate on moving on and living your life.

Even if you’re expecting an amicable separation, it’s still a life-changing event you have never gone through before. An attorney from our team can guide you through the process and help you achieve the best outcome possible. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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