Pamela Gowdy


I was involved in a car wreck.  The insurance company only wanted to pay me $1000 dollars.  When I hired Mr. Durham, he promised me that he would be aggressive and he was.  He eventually got me even more than the policy limits.

Johnny and Keeley George


When our daughter died in the hospital, we did not know who to turn to.  When we hired Mr. Durham, he promised us he would give answers and hold those responsible for our child’s death accountable.  During the entire process, he kept us updated and explained everything to us.  Eventually, we received the large settlement and Mr. Durham is now considered a part of our family.


I. Glover


When my daughter was hit by a tractor trailer.  I did not think she would live.  I knew I needed somebody to fight for her legal rights while I could focus on taking care of her.  Thank the Lord, we hired Joe Durham, Jr.  He took care of everything and made us feel so comfortable.  He led us to focus on nursing our daughter back to health while he held the driver and the trucking company accountable.

mr jessie

V. Jessie


My wife and I were involved in a serious auto accident.  As a Sheriff’s deputy, I knew we needed a serious, aggressive lawyer and I knew the only lawyer for us was Joseph P. Durham, Jr.
Mr. Durham handled everything for us and we were able to focus on healing from our injuries.  When the time came, he made the insurance company pay BIG.