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car accident claim

Why Eyewitness’ Testimony May Help Your Car Accident Claim

Accidents can be messy, especially if several vehicles are involved. In such scenarios where numerous drivers can be blamed for the crash, the statement of an eyewitness helps a lot. In fact, the testimony of an eyewitness makes a car accident claim in Georgia much stronger. When a third party can explain the situation, things…

medical malpractice

How Surgical Errors Can Lead to Medical Malpractice Case in Georgia?

Surgical staff and the Surgeons are highly trained and qualified medical professionals. Their job is highly precise, leaving no room behind for errors. Handling a medical malpractice case in Georgia becomes challenging. Several factors are involved in medical negligence cases. The process of getting surgery is overwhelming for many patients. People choose surgeons who they…

divorce in georgia

What Happens to Your Timeshare in a Divorce in Georgia?

There are many things to consider when dividing assets during a divorce in Georgia. However, in a divorce, the most difficult assets to divide are timeshares. A couple might jointly own some luxury properties such as vacation homes or beach houses. At first, these properties might seem very attractive and worthy to fight and hold…

car accident in georgia

How to Get the Most Money from a Car Accident in Georgia?

A car accident in Georgia triggers a complicated and frustrating compensation claim process regardless of its size or scope. Unfortunately, regulators of responsible insurance companies may attempt to manipulate a victim of a car accident into accepting a small deal and even waiving their claims-making an inaccurate affidavit. The following statistics are from the Georgia…

DUI concept image, drink and keys

The Dangers of Truck Driver DUI Accidents in Georgia

Due to the overall risk of DUI truck accidents in Georgia, the consumption of alcohol by truckers is carefully regulated. Federal regulation requires that commercial truck drivers be tested regularly for the presence of alcohol and drugs in their system. It is the responsibility of the people and companies who hire commercial truck drivers that…

divorce in georgia

Ways of Protecting Family Wealth During a Divorce in Georgia

There are a lot of companies which can protect you financially. Even though the majority of weddings and plans to marry have been put on hold amid the coronavirus emergency, couples are still considering the future of their relationship and with it, their authority over their financial settlements if that relationship should end. If you…