The Role of Accident Reconstruction Experts in an Albany Car Accident Case

In complex cases where the other driver’s liability is strongly challenged by their insurance company, an Albany car accident lawyer may have to hire accident reconstruction experts. While this will add to the legal costs, it may be the only option to win your Albany car accident case.

In this article, we will detail the importance of presenting this type of technical evidence, either during negotiations with the insurer or in court.

What Are Accident Reconstruction Experts?

Accident reconstructionists are trained and accredited professionals who investigate, analyze, and explain how car crashes happen. They know how to interpret available evidence and how to translate information from documents into animated visual presentations.

This visual presentation is accompanied by a detailed report, explaining what is most likely to have happened before, during, and immediately after the accident.

Ways in Which an Accident Reconstruction Helps Your Case

In some cases, evidence is not readily available. Maybe it was dark and foggy and eyewitnesses are not sure what they saw. Or maybe there were no eyewitnesses at all.

In some cases, the accident victim suffered severe injuries and was unable to document the accident scene properly.

These are situations that often occur in car accidents and leave your attorney with very little to rely on to prove the other driver’s fault. This is where accident reconstruction experts step in to complete the picture with key details.

1. The Speed of Both Vehicles

Speed plays an essential role in an Albany car accident case. If the other car had exceeded the maximum speed limit for the respective road at the moment of impact, this is a significant element of negligence.

Proving a traffic violation at the moment of the accident may be the exact type of evidence your attorney needs to persuade the insurance adjuster that their client was at fault.

reconstructionists can explain how a crash happened

2. The Angle of the Collision

The angle at which the cars collided can be extremely helpful where liability is contested, especially in multi-vehicle pile-ups and sideswipe accidents. With each driver pointing at the other, a lawyer needs more than just the firm belief in their client’s side of the story.

Accident reconstruction experts will analyze key elements provided by the police report, photos, and videos, such as:

  • Tire marks
  • The position of both vehicles immediately after the accident
  • The presence of potholes, debris, or other obstacles on the road.

Based on these elements, the reconstructionists can indicate which of the drivers acted negligently and caused the accident.

3. Whether One of the Vehicles Malfunctioned

The technical expertise of both vehicles can provide helpful clues. Accident reconstruction experts can indicate if one of the cars failed to reduce speed and stop upon the application of brakes, for instance.

Next, looking at the maintenance record of the vehicle, the reconstructionists can state if:

  • The car owner neglected to keep their vehicle road-worthy
  • The car repair shop failed to identify and fix a serious malfunction
  • The car had a hidden design or manufacturing defect, which could not have been reasonably detected.

4. If Weather or Road Conditions Contributed to the Crash

Finally, some drivers claim that poor road or weather conditions caused them to lose control over their vehicle. It is difficult to find a defendant where weather is involved. In the case of poor road maintenance, some authorities may be held liable.

However, it is much easier to hire accident reconstruction experts to indicate whether the driver also was negligent by:

  • Being distracted and failing to observe a pothole on the road
  • Not adapting their speed to reduced visibility and wet road conditions
  • Driving too closely behind your car.

Call an Experienced Albany Car Accident Lawyer!

Whether it’s talking to many witnesses or hiring accident reconstruction experts when witnesses are not available, a skilled lawyer will leave no stone unturned when it comes to winning your Albany car accident case.

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