I-20 May No Longer Be the Deadliest Highway in Georgia but It Continues to Take Lives

Georgia’s I-20, and especially its Atlanta area stretch, has long been known as the deadliest highway in Georgia and one of the deadliest throughout the country. It lost its title to I-75 this year, at least regarding the summer months statistics. I-20 may no longer be the deadliest highway in Georgia but it continues to take lives.

However, it still dominates traffic accident news, and in the most unfortunate way. The most recent proof came this very Wednesday, October 2, with two crashes. Traffic was blocked for nearly three hours just when everyone was rushing to work.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, it all began around d 6:20 a.m. Dehaven Holmes, aged 37, from Decatur, tried crossing the highway near Lowery Boulevard when a car hit him near the median wall. Holmes died in the impact.

In their attempt to avoid the accident scene, six other drivers smashed into one another. Luckily, the chain accident did not have serious consequences. Only one person complained of minor pain and went to the Grady Memorial Hospital for investigations.

I-20 remained closed on both driving directions until the authorities completed their investigations. Traffic on the Westbound lanes was only reopened around 8:30. The event ruined the day for many of the drivers forced to witness the fatality, take different routes, or wait for the reopening of the road.

Sure, things could have been worse: more people could have been killed or injured and more vehicles could have been damaged. This is just another proof that, although many drivers refuse to acknowledge it, negligence kills. This time, it killed Dehaven Holmes but it could have been anyone.

Precious lives are lost every day on I-20, I-75, and other Georgia roads. Sometimes, someone fails to yield right of way. Other times, someone speeds, texts and drives, drinks, or does drugs. Unfortunately, we, car accident lawyers, cannot undo the harm.

We can help negligence victims recover their losses, but we cannot revive the dead or wipe away the pain they leave behind. Therefore, drive carefully and pay attention to traffic so as to save lives. They are far more precious than the few seconds you save, the adrenaline rush, or any distractions.

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