Can I Sue My Mechanic If My Brakes Fail?

Most car accidents occur because of driver behavior. They happen because someone failed to stay in their lane, drove too fast for the conditions or drove while intoxicated. However, sometimes the person responsible for a crash isn’t a driver. It can be someone who worked on a vehicle or even the manufacturer of a vehicle part. If you got into an accident because your brakes failed, you may be able to get compensation from the mechanic. Of course, you need proof that the individual did a poor repair job. You will have to work closely with a Georgia car crash attorney to build a strong case.

How to Get Compensation After Brake Failure

Some cases are relatively straightforward. Let’s say you took your car to the auto shop to have the brakes fixed. When you go to pick up your vehicle, the mechanic assures you that he corrected the problem so you drive off confidently. However, as you approach a stop sign, you press the brakes and nothing happens. You crash into the car in front of you and suffer serious injuries. In such a case, it would seem as though the mechanic did a poor job.

However, if there was a longer period between when the car went to the shop and when the crash occurred, proving causation may be more difficult. You would be hard-pressed to prove that you didn’t contribute to the problem in some way.

Your lawyer will look into the situation and determine whether the mechanic was at fault. More than likely, you will be advised to seek compensation from the repair shop rather than the individual mechanic. Employers can be held responsible for the actions of their employees. In any case, the mechanic is unlikely to have either the insurance or personal assets to cover your losses. Even if you sued them, you probably wouldn’t be able to recover the amount. However, the business may have the liability insurance to compensate you for property damage and injuries.

That being said, the company may not accept responsibility if the mechanic went against the business’ standard operating procedures. In such a case, suing the mechanic may be an option if they have the ability to pay. Of course, you will need to prove that whoever you pursue was negligent in some way. You can expect them to mount a strong defense. Having a Georgia car crash attorney on your side will be key.

Why You Need to Hire a Georgia Car Crash Attorney

Holding a mechanic or auto repair shop liable for accident-related losses is likely to be challenging. Your lawyer will have to do thorough investigations, so they have sufficient proof of negligence or wrongdoing. This may mean looking into everything that was done to the vehicle and probing the circumstances surrounding the crash. It would be almost impossible to do this on your own. You need a competent professional who knows their way around the legal system and has access to experts. If the accident was caused by another factor, your attorney will uncover this. The mechanic may have been the last person who touched the car, but your brake failure isn’t automatically their fault. The brakes could have been manufactured with a defect or the car dealer may have sold the car with a problem.

In addition to ensuring you pursue the correct at-fault party, your lawyer will also make sure you get fair compensation. If you suffer injuries in a car crash, you’ll have to deal with medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. You can also get compensation for non-economic losses like pain and suffering. Your attorney will help you to quantify all your losses and file a claim. Then, they will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.  They will educate you about what is a fair settlement so you can make the best decision.

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