Two-Vehicle Crash in Dawson County Leaves One Dead, Others Injured

Oftentimes, when the police receive a call about a multi-car accident, they anticipate serious injuries. This was the case on Sunday, October 10, in Dawson County. The police received reports of a two-vehicle crash in Dawson County, at the intersection of GA 400 and Quill Drive. The call came in at about 4:10 pm.

By the time police and rescue crews arrived at the crash site, they found two vehicles, both of which had sustained significant damage. One of the victims was driving his Harley Davidson FLHT motorcycle along the northern lanes of GA 400. Another vehicle, a Volkswagen Passat was coming from Quill Drive attempting to make a turn.

Unfortunately, the man driving the Harley, 50-year-old Daniel Wesley Duman, ran through the intersection into several vehicles waiting to make a left-hand turn. One of the cars he crashed into was the Passat.

According to reports, the victim driving the Passat had the right of way. They were looking to make a turn onto GA 400 South when the motorcycle smashed into the side of the car.

The driver of the Harley Davidson bike and his passenger, Penny Lynn Duman, were from Lithia Springs, Georgia. They were both ejected from the bike at the point of impact. The driver did not survive his injuries and was pronounced dead by the county medical examiner. The passenger was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Thankfully, the driver of the Passat only sustained minor injuries.

The cause of the two-vehicle crash in Dawson County is under investigation, but preliminary reports show that Duman was at fault. This means that the driver of the Passat and Penny Duman may have a legitimate claim for damages against the estate of Daniel Duman and his insurance company.

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