What Type of Damages Can a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Recover?

Generally, after an Albany, GA, car accident, victims have the right to recover any damages they incurred due to the accident. The types of damages and the corresponding amounts will vary from one case to another. The best way to assess the value of a claim is to consult an Albany car accident lawyer.

The latter will review the case details, the various types of damages applicable, and calculate the corresponding value. If their client allows it, they will help gather the necessary evidence and follow claim procedures. They will not rest until they succeed to obtain the compensation their client deserves.

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What type of damages can an Albany car accident compensation claim cover? We will provide an answer in the following lines.

Types of Damages an Albany, Georgia, Car Accident Lawyer May Recover for their Client

There are three major types of damages available to accident victims:

Economic Damages

This category includes any financial losses and expenses someone may incur following a car accident. Common examples include:

  • Repair or replacement costs for the vehicle and any other assets damaged in the accident
  • Medical expenses, from doctor fees and hospital bills to drugs, medical devices, and therapy
  • Lost income, or any money the accident victim lost by not being able to work due to their injuries.
  • Lost earning capacity, or the money disabled accident victims will no longer be able to earn due to their impairment
  • Home care and adjustment expenses for disabled victims needing assistance and home improvements to adjust to their new condition

Any claims for this type of damages should be supported by evidence. Examples of evidence include medical reports and test results, invoices, cost estimates, credit card reports, and income statements. Georgia car accident lawyers can help victims make sure they have sufficient evidence and claim all applicable damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Car accidents do not bring about only financial losses, but also emotional ones. These, too, are subject to compensation. They include physical pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment, etc.

To better understand this type of damages, let us take a concrete example. Let us say someone married and having modeling as a hobby is involved in a car accident they did not cause. Due to a fuel leak, the car bursts into flames. The victim survives but suffers severe burns on most of their body.

After several surgical procedures, they are left with unsightly scars. They have nightmares and panic attacks. Their spouse cannot put up with the scars, nightmares, and panic attacks so they file for divorce. Due to the scars, the victim has to stop modeling and cannot bear to even look at presentations.

The victim in this example can claim compensation for at least the following:

  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment

Of course, assigning a value to these losses and proving them will not be easy. It is better to leave this task to an experienced Albany car accident lawyer.

Punitive Damages

This type of damages, subject to Georgia Code section 51-12-5.1 are rarely awarded in car accident cases. That is because their purpose is to punish and deter intentional harm and gross negligence. Most car accident cases do not involve such circumstances.

In those that do, the circumstances need to be proven and the punitive damages need to be claimed separately. This requires the skills and knowledge of an experienced Georgia car accident attorney.

Scheduling a legal consultation should be a priority for any accident victim unsure of the types of damages they can recover. Not only will they receive the answers they need but they can also find out how much their case is worth. Moreover, some law firms offer free preliminary consultations.

Depending on their findings, they can decide whether to hire legal representation or take matters into their own hands. It is important to note that many car accident lawyers in Albany accept contingency fees. This means they only get paid if they win and when they do, so anyone can afford their services.

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