Atlanta Police Crack Down on Illegal Street Racing

Police in Atlanta arrested 44 people and issued 114 citations over the weekend as they sought to clamp down on the growing problem of illegal street racing.

Police Department Chief Erika Shields said officers made some inroads and they would continue to target drivers who race illegally downtown and on the interstates.

That investigation was the latest attempt to stop the races that draw large crowds of spectators and generate lots of excitement on social media.

With less traffic on the streets because of the coronavirus pandemic, police said the illegal activity picked up.

Police spokesman Carlos Campos said young people were bored since the stay-at-home orders brought their usual activities to a halt.

Earlier this month, crowds gathered at The Mall West End for a stunt driving event that included fireworks. Police also had to bring a halt to racing at North DeKalb Mall in April and three drivers were arrested in March following a stunt driving event in the I-285 tunnel.

Meanwhile, two men who were not racing were killed in Cobb County last year after their car was struck during a race.

Campos said racers can reach speeds of 130 miles per hour and people in the way had no time to react. He said the biggest fear was that innocent people would die.

Last weekend’s operation resulted in the arrest of people between the ages of 17 and 43. Five of them were teenagers.

Those who were cited or charged were accused of several traffic offenses including speeding, laying drag, reckless driving, driving under the influence, and drinking in public.

Several agencies helped with the investigation including the Georgia State Patrol, the Fulton and Clayton County sheriff’s offices, and the Atlanta Department of Corrections.

If you’re an innocent motorist or pedestrian who gets struck by a street racer, you could be entitled to compensation. A Georgia car accident lawyer may be able to help you.


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