Why Does My Albany Car Accident Lawyer Insist That I Get a Medical Evaluation?

Every year, over 3,500 traffic accidents occur in Dougherty County, leading to more than 1,500 injuries. This means a daily average of 9-10 crashes and 4 injuries. Most crashes occur in the Albany area. Their victims often end up looking for a Georgia car accident lawyer to help them recover their losses.

One of the first things a Georgia car accident lawyer checks when reviewing a case is the client’s medical records. Surprisingly, many accident victims do not get a medical evaluation. They consider their injuries superficial or they settle for the medical care they receive at the scene.

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This is a huge mistake, and any Georgia car accident attorney will advise against it. There are several reasons for that, and we will review the most important of them in the following lines.

3 Reasons Why Not Getting a Medical Evaluation after an Albany Car Accident Is a Huge Mistake

1. There Could Be Hidden Injuries That Only a Medical Evaluation Can Diagnose

It is not uncommon for an Albany car accident to cause injuries that do not give immediate symptoms. Common examples include internal injuries, brain hemorrhage, and post-traumatic stress. The adrenaline rush and the worries regarding the future often prevent victims from acknowledging their injuries. A medical evaluation can diagnose such injuries and help the victim receive adequate treatment.

Failure or delays in diagnosing accident injuries could cost the victims their compensation. Any Georgia car accident lawyer knows and tries to prevent that. The party at fault or their insurer may argue that the injuries are not the result of the accident. They may also blame the victim of neglect, or claim the injuries aggravated due to lack of treatment. This brings us to another reason why not getting a medical evaluation after an Albany car accident is a mistake.

2. If They Are Not Diagnosed and Treated, Injuries May Aggravate

It is one thing to have a broken rib and a completely different thing to have that rib perforate a lung. There is a huge difference between a bone fissure and a bone fracture. And there are many more injuries that can aggravate due to lack of treatment.

Diagnosed in due time, they may require some pills, injections, maybe a couple of days off work. Discovered late, after they aggravate, they may require surgery and weeks of hospitalization and recovery. Some may even jeopardize the sufferer’s life.

It goes without saying that every additional doctor consultation, treatment, and day off work costs money. We already explained that the car accident compensation does not cover aggravations due to neglect. This means the victim will cover the costs out of their own pocket.  No Georgia car accident lawyer wants that. Do you still wonder why they recommend getting the medical evaluation as soon as possible? And there is more!

3. Without Evidence of the Damages, There Will Be No Compensation

Under Georgia laws, in order to obtain compensation, accident victims need to prove three aspects:

  • How their accident occurred (who was at fault for it)
  • The losses the accident caused (property damage, physical and emotional injury, and related time off work, expenses, etc.)
  • The value of those losses (medical expenses, car repairs, pain and suffering, etc.)

Without solid evidence, no insurance company or court will award them the damages they claim. Most accident claim damages come from injuries. However, proving injuries is impossible without clear medical reports, treatment receipts, and hospital bills.

When recommending a medical evaluation, a Georgia car accident attorney is basically asking for evidence. They cannot claim what they cannot prove. Therefore, they are basically asking for your cooperation to get you the compensation you deserve.

Conclusion: Your Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Wants What Is Best for You

Now you know why Georgia car accident attorneys recommend medical evaluations. If you were involved in an Albany car accident, you should follow their advice. Once you have the medical report and treatment recommendations, you can request a claim evaluation. This will help you find out how much your claim is worth and how to handle it.

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