How to Determine Child Custody During COVID-19 in Albany, GA?

How does the legal system decide child custody during COVID-19? The wave of the coronavirus hasn’t only affected the health of individuals but has also had an impact on relationships. Child custody is the obvious fallout from these broken relationships. Divorced couples have suffered the most during this time. Especially those people sharing custody of their children have experienced tormenting situations.

Deciding on a child’s custody during COVID-19 in Albany, GA or any place else has become troublesome for both sides. Due to travel restrictions and the rising number of COVID-19 patients, people cannot travel freely. Moreover, the lockdowns in various areas have made moving from one place to another quite impossible. Children need to be protected in all situations and with this pandemic going on, they need extra care. Under such circumstances, parents often get confused about who should have the child.

Divorce rates have risen in the time of COVID-19. From Georgia to Oklahoma, each state has seen a similar trend. Within the U.S, the rate of divorce has increased by 34% and this number continues to increase. Whatever the reasons might be, divorces are becoming quite common. However, with this change, people also need to make tough decisions regarding the life of their children. Child custody during COVID-19 requires a lot of attention and decisions should be made, keeping the interest of the child in mind.

Deciding Child Custody During COVID-19 in Albany, GA:

Joint child custody during COVID-19 involves constant travel and with this constant travel, the risk of infection increases greatly. Some children have weaker immune systems so they cannot afford the sudden changes in the surrounding. It’s important to keep these kids in one secure place rather than moving them back and forth every other day. This is only possible with a parent who has a stable lifestyle. Sometimes, the father’s job requires a lot of traveling and attention. If that is the situation in your household, then the child’s custody should be allotted to the mother. Not only would it guarantee safety from virus transmission but also help the kids to adapt to one place.

There are even those parents who are involved in frontline work. Such as doctors, nurses, food delivery people, police officers, and government officials. These are the people who are at a higher risk. Since they are continuously interacting with multiple people, they cannot be custodial parents. Putting a child near them would certainly have negative consequences. When one parent is aware that their ex-partner is living in a dangerous environment, they should immediately contact their lawyers. As a mother or father, it is your responsibility to protect your child from harm.

Asking for child custody during COVID-19 in Albany, GA is not wrong. A person who is unable to provide a healthy and stable lifestyle for their child needs to hand over the responsibility to their ex-partner. That is the right thing to do. If the other side isn’t cooperating, taking legal action is the only option left.

How Can Divorce Lawyers in Albany, GA Help You with Child Custody during COVID-19?

Albany’s divorce attorneys are aware of the difficulties of a separated couple. COVID-19 has impacted the health of people and harmed the economy of almost every country. Along with this, it has severely affected the relations of divorced people. Those who have kids argue on the matter of the custody of their children. Both sides wish to keep their children with them but a person needs to act wisely.

When the other side acts irrationally, you need to hire good divorce lawyers. They settle the matters on your behalf and try to win the custody battle with logical reasoning. Although the financial standing of both sides plays a huge role in the decision yet sometimes, stay-at-home parents have an advantage over the other party. For example, an experienced lawyer can easily prove that a stay-at-home parent is more useful in monitoring the child’s study rather than a working one.

Contact the Best Divorce Attorneys in Albany, GA:

At our firm, you will find legal experts with years of experience. They know how to help you in winning your child’s custody during COVID-19 in Albany, GA. From providing advice to handling custody hearings, our team will do everything on your behalf. You can contact our helpline to get a detailed analysis of how we proceed with such cases.

Although most courts are closed due to the prevailing situation but online hearings are still possible. So, if you think your child’s safety is at risk or your ex isn’t able to handle the responsibility then don’t hesitate before calling for help. We can arrange a session with one of our divorce lawyers in Albany at any time.

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