Do Not Discuss Your Georgia Car Accident Claim on Social Media

For some reason, people just can’t resist the draw of social media. People check their Facebook accounts over 80 times a day. Others tweet about everything from what they ate for breakfast to how they got their nails painted. It just is a fact in America today – people are addicted to social media. It’s really important that you resist the temptation to post about your accident claim on social media. Not only should you want to keep this information private, but you can actually destroy your chances of winning your claim.

We understand that you may be scared or angry after a car accident. The first thing you want to do is reach out to family and friends to tell them what happened. However, posting details of your car accident on social media can destroy your chances of filing a successful claim. When you talk about your accident on Twitter or Facebook, you open yourself up to a world of trouble.

Why Does Your Albany Automobile Accident Attorney Want You to Avoid Posting About Your Accident on Social Media?

If you post details about the crash on social media, you may say something that the insurance company can use to deny your claim. You may not even mean to do it. You could make a joke or like a comment somebody writes on your page. These comments can be interpreted different ways by different people.

For example. Let’s say you’re in a serious car accident. You end up in the hospital for a few days to have surgery. You find out that you’re going to be out of work for a few months. In jest, you post the following on your Facebook page:

  • “Well, the bad news is that my car is totaled. The good news is that I get off for the summer! Hey, I wanted a new car anyway, right?”

You can interpret this to mean a few things. First, it shows that you didn’t value your car to begin with. How can you expect an insurance company to pay to replace your car when you post that you wanted a new car anyway? It may appear to some people that you got into the accident on purpose so you could get a new car.

Others reading your post may think that you’re happy you are going to miss several months from work. If you jokingly post that you are excited to have the summer off, how can you turn around and say that you were depressed about missing work?

An Automobile Accident Attorney in Albany, Georgia Can’t Un-Ring the Bell!

If you post things on social media that damage your accident claim, there isn’t a whole lot your accident attorney can do to fix it. Once you put it out there, there is nothing he can to do to reel it back in. If you claim that you have whiplash following a car accident, don’t post pictures of you on a rollercoaster the day after the accident. Or, if you are demanding pain and suffering, the defendant’s attorney can submit pictures of you from social media showing a glowing, happy plaintiff.

It’s important to avoid posting anything on social media related to your accident. There is nothing that can be gained by posting pictures of your car, your injuries or the other driver. There is nothing good that can come out of an angry rant about how the police officer handled things at the accident scene. These things are not going to help your case. They will do nothing but make it harder for your attorney to win your case.

If you really aren’t sure about what you should and shouldn’t post on social media, ask. Your Albany car accident attorney can tell you what makes sense and what doesn’t. His advice is probably going to be to avoid social media until after your case settles. You have to remember – the defendant is going to use everything possible to avoid paying you. Don’t make this easier for him by posting things on social media.

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