Documents to Bring to the Initial Meeting with a Personal Injury Lawyer

The free case review offered by a Columbus personal injury lawyer is an opportunity to find out if you have a valid case without any obligation. However, if you want the attorney to express a reliable legal opinion, they must be able to evaluate the circumstances of your personal injury accident.

To do this, the attorney will need to see various documents related to the incident. Without them, the lawyer won’t be able to affirm that you have a case and offer to represent you. Here are the most important documents and records you should bring with you to the first appointment with a legal counsel:

Incident Report

Any personal injury accident must be reported to the negligent party or to the proper authorities. Even if your accident happened on a residential property, you should record yourself telling the owner about your accident.

Businesses have standard forms for reporting any kind of incident occurring on their property. As for traffic accidents, they must be reported to the police. After several days, you will be able to obtain a copy of the report issued by the officers who investigated the crash scene.

The incident report is one of the key documents establishing your claim against the other party, so make sure to bring it with you.

Witness Statements and Contact Details

Any lawyer will tell you that eyewitnesses are extremely valuable in any personal injury claim. Their testimony is unbiased and reliable. This is why you should always talk to people who saw your accident immediately afterwards.

Ask them to provide a short description of what they saw, their name and phone number. Later, your attorney will talk to them again and obtain a recorded statement to add to your claim file.

Photos and Videos of the Accident Area

Taking photos and videos of the area where you suffered the accident is essential. Valuable evidence proving the other party’s negligence can disappear in a short time – such as ice on the driveway, an unsafe handrail and loose carpeting.

Moreover, if there are no cameras and no witnesses, the responsible party can go as far as denying that the incident happened at all. As the plaintiff, you have the burden of proof for every element of your personal injury claim.

bring evidence to your first meeting with a lawyer

Bring these photos to a skilled Columbus personal injury lawyer as you took them – without any kind of editing. Any interference with the images and video files can be easily detected and you will be accused of evidence tampering.

Medical Records

Besides proving the other party’s fault under the comparative negligence principle in Georgia, you have to prove that you suffered injuries. These can be proven by medical records, starting with the initial checkup and diagnostic tests performed immediately after the accident.

Do not forget any kind of medical document related to your accident, such as:

  • Hospital discharge note
  • Prescriptions for medications
  • Doctor’s recommendations for treatment and physical therapy

After you hire the attorney, they will ask you to sign a medical release form, allowing them to obtain more information from your treating physician – including the prognosis of your recovery from the injuries.

Proof of Income

Finally, do not forget to bring any documents proving your income. The attorney will need them to calculate your lost wages, as well as potential loss of future earnings and loss of earning potential.

Here are a few examples of such documents:

  • Pay slips
  • Statement of income provided by your employer
  • Tax return for the last year
  • Account statements if you are self-employed

Bring Your Evidence to an Experienced Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer!

After a personal injury accident, get medical attention and then get in touch with a skilled attorney at Joe Durham Jr., P.C. Bring all the documents detailed here and an experienced Columbus personal injury lawyer will tell you if you have a case and how much it is worth.

If your claim has merits, we will represent you on a contingency fee basis. So, don’t wait too long after your accident and schedule your free case evaluation with us at 229-210-6226!

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