Drivers Complain About Dangerous South Fulton Intersection

ATLANTA – South Fulton residents who live near Roosevelt Highway and I-285 in South Fulton are demanding a metered light and a Georgia Department of Transportation traffic study the dangerous South Fulton intersection. They say the junction is extremely dangerous and there have been numerous accidents.

According to one news report, the situation has worsened in the last year. Resident Shakia Guest called for a way to control the traffic, noting that she passes through the intersection every day and drivers can be easily T-boned by oncoming traffic. She said accidents backed up traffic around two to three times each month and attributed the problem to the growing population in the area.

Guest said drivers commit a number of traffic violations and make up their own rules since it’s difficult to enter the highway.  She told CBS46 that she had reached out to GDOT but she hadn’t received a response.

However, a spokesman for GDOT said they have received several complaints about the intersection, and they were looking into the issues and coming up with solutions. Short-term measures may include additional signage and restriping while long terms plans to improve operations and safety will be based on a study.

Intersections can be very dangerous for drivers, especially when there are inadequate traffic control mechanisms. Often, intersection accidents are due to right-of-way violations and another motorist can be held responsible. However, there are situations in which the city, county or state can be held liable when an accident occurs on an unsafe road. Potholes, uneven pavements, poor lighting, inadequate sight lines at intersections and missing traffic control signs are common defects.

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