Medical Negligence in Georgia: Are You a Victim?

Going to a doctor for almost every problem is common. Whether someone has an injury or pain, they wish to consult a doctor at the earliest. In certain situations, these doctors commit mistakes, putting several lives at risk. Medical negligence can lead to complications and even death. The number of cases involving medical negligence in Georgia is high.

Every year several people are affected due to a practitioner’s negligent behavior. We all hope to get the best medical attention from our treating doctors, but sometimes the reality is the opposite. It is a sad situation that the doctors we trust the most are the ones putting our lives in danger.

In the current time, medical negligence is a significant problem. Around 23 percent of patient deaths are caused by the incorrect decisions of doctors. There are chances of procedural and diagnostic errors, which are the primary concern of the health care system. A wrong surgery or a wrong diagnosis can destroy a person’s life. That is why a victim of medical negligence must take the matter to court. They have suffered due to a professional’s misjudgment, and they deserve compensation.

What Are the Key Elements to Consider for Medical Negligence in Georgia?

Every court expects the victim to provide proof for their allegations. If you or your loved one suffered unjustly due to your doctor’s negligence, you need to collect supporting evidence. Medical negligence in Georgia isn’t tolerated. To prove medical negligence, you need to have:

  • A patient-doctor relation with a health care provider who harmed you
  • Evidence that the hospital and doctors had a duty of care towards you
  • Confirmation that the doctor was responsible for breaching the duty of care
  • Proof that the breach results in harm

After establishing these points, victims can convince the judge about the medical professional’s negligence.

Why Is Having a Patient-Doctor Relationship Necessary?

Without establishing a doctor-patient relationship, your case isn’t justifiable. A doctor-patient relationship helps confirm that there was a duty of care. A patient explaining their symptoms to a doctor deserves the best treatment.

However, if a practitioner doesn’t provide an accurate diagnosis or ignores your condition, they don’t perform their duty. It makes them responsible for your deteriorating health. Every doctor’s behavior must be according to the standard of care. Anyone failing to do so is considered negligent.

What Are the Prominent Signs of a Georgia Medical Malpractice Case?

Often at times, people get confused as to whether they are facing medical malpractice or not. You can determine your situation by noticing common signs, like:

  • The Doctor Doesn’t Order Any Tests:

The very first thing every doctor does is, order the patient to get tested. It can be an ultrasound, EKG, X-ray, or a simple blood test. These are standard procedures at every place for determining the cause of illness. However, if your doctor doesn’t write down any test, it could mean they are not providing adequate care. Without tests identifying a problem is mostly impossible.

  • Late Diagnosis:

Doctors taking too long to reach a diagnosis are negligent. A delayed diagnosis could aggravate the condition. Medical professionals need to keep in mind that their patient’s life is at risk. Thus, a good doctor always provides a treatment plan in the shortest possible time. If your doctor refuses a diagnosis or delays the matter, they are displaying negligence.

  • Condition Deteriorates With the Treatment Plan:

Often, caregivers provide a treatment plan that makes the situation worse. If something similar happens to you, it is clear-cut negligence. Incorrect surgeries also make patients eligible to file a complaint.

  • The Poor Condition of the Hospital or Facility:

Having a poorly maintained medical facility can increase the chances of accidents, i.e. medical negligence in Georgia. For example, an understaffed hospital will not provide proper medical attention to each patient. It will result in complications for the people admitted to the facility.

Opting for Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Georgia:

Anyone in the world can experience medical malpractice. It is a growing issue, but that doesn’t mean the victims should tolerate the situation. If you or your loved ones feel that a doctor is negligent towards you, take them to court. We have seasoned attorneys who can handle medical malpractice cases in Georgia for you.

Our team assists victims and protects their legal rights. Doctors have a duty towards their patients, and if they fail to do their duty, they need to pay for the damages. Call us to arrange a free-of-cost consultation today. Discuss each point in detail with our team.

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