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medical malpractice case

What’s a Subrogation Claim and Can It Affect a Medical Malpractice Case?

When filing a claim for medical malpractice in Georgia, many victims are not aware of the possibility of receiving subrogation claims. Most have no idea what these are and how they may affect their case. Such information is usually provided by Georgia medical malpractice lawyers during the first consultations with their clients. If you are…

10 Signs That the Car Accident Lawyer You've Consulted Isn't Right for You

10 Signs That the Georgia Car Accident Lawyer You Have Consulted Is Not Right for Your Case

Have you consulted an Albany car accident lawyer and you are not sure they are the right person to work with? Your doubts could be the first sign that you should keep looking. Your instincts are probably telling you that something is wrong. Otherwise, you would be confident, at peace. But you should not act…

Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Q&A: What Is an Expert Affidavit?

Georgia Medical Malpractice Lawyer Q&A: What Is an Expert Affidavit and Do I Really Need One?

Georgia medical malpractice victims thinking of seeking damages for their losses will sooner or later come across the term expert affidavit. Those who work with an Albany medical malpractice lawyer will surely hear it from the very first consultation. What is the deal with this term, what does it refer to,  and what role does…

5 Tips to Follow Before Consulting a Divorce Lawyer in Albany

Divorce Preparation Basics: 5 Tips to Follow Before Consulting an Albany Divorce Lawyer

The perspective of a divorce is often terrifying. You are ending a relationship that was supposed to last a lifetime. Perhaps there are children involved, or your financial situation is not that great. If your case involves cheating, domestic violence, or mental disease, things are even worse. A divorce lawyer in Albany can help you…

Albany Auto Accident Lawyer Q&A: How Is Fault Determined in a Crash?

Albany Car Accident Lawyer Q&A: How Is Fault Determined in a Crash?

Some car accidents are the result of one driver’s clear negligence. Others involve several circumstances that make fault more difficult to establish. Moreover, the different parties assessing an accident have different ways of determining fault. There are significant differences between how police officers, insurance companies, and courts determine car accident fault. Albany auto accident lawyers…

Lawyer talking to his client about possible defenses for medical malpractice cases

Possible Defenses in Georgia Medical Malpractice Cases

Were you the victim of medical malpractice and you are now trying to recover your losses? You should expect the defendant to work with one of the best medical malpractice lawyers in Georgia to defend their interests. In fact, if you have not done it already, you should consider getting legal help too. There are…