What Causes Head-On Collisions in Albany, Georgia?

Head-on collisions in Albany, GA are perhaps the scariest and most traumatizing of the car accidents that occur daily on our roads. Georgia’s car accident statistics paint a grim picture. According to the data from CDC, crash injuries are the eighth leading cause of death all around the world.

Head-on collisions in Albany, GA, or any other region per se cause a great deal of emotional and physical pain. It is one of the most brutal of car accidents and thus requires a lot of effort on the victim’s part to get their due compensation for the damages suffered.

Common Injuries Caused by Head-On Collisions in Albany, GA:

Head-on collisions are caused by the collision of two moving vehicles coming from opposite directions. The vehicles tend to collide straight on, causing extensive damage due to the speeds with which they are generally moving towards each other. Head-on collisions can cause extensive physical damage to the driver or the passengers.

The most common injuries caused by head-on collisions are severe head injuries, brain trauma, damaged spinal cord, nerve damage, paralysis, and organ damage. These injuries constitute considerable physical and emotional pain which can only be resolved if a competent accident lawyer is in your corner.

Causes of Head-On Collisions in Georgia; A Note from Our Accident Attorneys in Georgia:

Head-on collisions in Georgia can be caused by a host of reasons, including the driver’s neglect. If such is the case and you’re at the receiving end of serious losses, you must at once call in the best lawyers you can. The attorneys will guide you through the process and hopefully lessen the pain caused by such trauma.

Other major causes of head-on collisions include overspeeding of vehicles, driving under the influence, distracted driving, weaving and merging, improper lane changing, and so on. Unsafe behavior while driving often leads to head-on collisions in Albany, GA, which in turn causes irreparable damage to the grieving party.

A competent Georgia car accident lawyer can help you navigate the state law of Georgia. Their expertise helps you gain financial remunerations and closure to the ordeal you may have suffered during the traumatic experience. Also, you can give some time to taking care of your health rather than pursuing the lawsuit on your own.

What Should You do in Case of a Head-On Collision:

If you’ve undergone an experience involving a head-on collision, then you must, at once, call an attorney. This endeavor is highly important and necessary since it can save you from regretting your actions later on. The car accident attorney guides you through the process of filing for a suit as well as avoiding any setback to your claims. They ensure end-to-end execution for your case until you’ve received your compensation.

Typically, the first step after head-on collisions or any accident for that matter involves settlement offers. While in other cases, you may be inclined to accept such an offer, head-on collisions can be personal and more traumatizing. Putting a price to such an experience is tricky, and you may get far fewer damages if not advised by an expert car accident attorney.

Seek Medical Attention and Do Not Speak to Anyone:

Another common piece of advice given to survivors of head-on collisions in Georgia is to stay put and don’t divulge what you saw to anyone. You shouldn’t provide any details or record your statement as it may go against you later on. It would be best if you made all statements regarding the accident under your car accident attorney’s supervision.

Lastly, it would be best if you quickly asked for medical aid to get you stitched up and running again. In case you have suffered extensive injuries, you can ask to be transported immediately to the nearest hospital. Even in the case of minor injuries, you should go for a thorough checkup from a qualified medical professional to ensure that you are not suffering from any internal injuries. In either case, do not give any statement or talk to anyone except for your medical conditions

Contact an Experienced Accident Lawyer in Albany, GA:

If you’re involved in a car crash and have suffered due to the negligence of a fellow driver, then you must at once call the best Georgia car accident attorneys. Joe Durham Jr, P.C. is a phone call away from providing you with the best services in case of head-on collisions in Albany, GA. Our team is always here to help you and ensure you receive justice.

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