Drugs Reconfirmed as a Major Risk to Albany Drivers’ Safety

While the media still rages about the opioid crisis and the increase in overdose rates, intoxicated drivers are wreaking havoc on Albany streets. We saw another confirmation of this cruel reality on Friday, September 30. Drugs reconfirmed as a major threat to Albany traffic safety.

On Interstate 90, just before 2 p.m., the state police stopped a vehicle for speeding. It was driven by Jessica L. Sweet, accompanied by Everett B. Williams, both from Lansingburgh. From the first words they exchanged with the driver, the police officers were struck by the smell of marijuana. Burned marijuana cigarettes were visible in the vehicle’s center console.

According to the news reports, not only were the two intoxicated, but they also had a considerable amount of drugs on them. After the preliminary investigations, the police decided to charge them with a felony (two counts each), misdemeanor for controlled substance possession, and misdemeanor for drug paraphernalia use. In addition to these, they also charged Sweet with unlawful possession of marijuana.

The charges were brought after the troopers searched the car and found no less than 15 grams of marijuana and 15 grams of cocaine. Upon searching Sweet, they also discovered a rolled-up dollar bill that had cocaine residue on it, and another folded dollar bill holding slightly under one gram of cocaine.

The two were arraigned in Albany City Court. Sweet’s had her bail request denied. For Williams, bail was set at $5,000. Some may find the measures cruel and wish the best to the joyful couple that only wanted to have fun.

For Albany traffic participants, however, the fact that they are no longer on the streets should be a reason to celebrate. Who knows what disaster they may have caused if the police had not caught them on time. Drugs are a rising threat to traffic safety, and no one knows that better than the Albany car accident lawyers who see the harm they cause increase by the day.

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