How Can a Georgia Divorce Lawyer Help Me?

Have you decided to file for divorce or received the notification that your spouse started the proceedings? You should consult a Georgia divorce lawyer. This is especially true if you have children or valuable assets to share and you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement.

Divorces can get messy and painful not only for the spouses both also for those around them. The intervention of a divorce lawyer can often make the difference between a no-fault, amicable divorce, and an at-fault, troublesome one.

Why is a Georgia divorce lawyers’ intervention so important and what it can mean for you? Reviewing the numerous aspects a lawyer can help you with and the benefits of receiving legal advice should clarify that. We will get to it in the following lines.

The Benefits of Working with an Experienced Georgia Divorce Lawyer

A Georgia Divorce Lawyer Can Help Mediate and Improve the Relationship between the Spouses

Contrary to what you may be tempted to believe, dedicated divorce lawyers do not want their clients to fight in court. Their goal is to help their clients end their marriage in the best possible terms. Sometimes, reaching an agreement is impossible. However, when the situation allows it, many divorce lawyers will advocate for a no-fault, friendly divorce.

They help spouses see things from one another’s perspective, understand the implications and consequences of their actions, and avoid further quarrels. It is not uncommon for them to then reach common grounds, even if only for the sake of the children or to move on faster.

They Help Divorcing Spouses Assess and Defend Their Rights

When you do not have legal knowledge, it can be difficult to make the difference between marital and individual property. It can also be difficult to assess what value child support and alimony payments should reach. Divorce lawyers factor all in and help their clients understand and defend their rights.

Their help can mean higher or lower alimony and child support payments, depending on whose side they defend. It may also make the difference between continuing to live in the family home or having to move, keeping the car or having to hand it over and get a new one.

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They Tackle Child Custody and Visitation Rights Issues

Sometimes parents get so caught in custody battles that they fail to realize that their children need both parents or that it does not have to be an “all-or-nothing” battle. Divorce lawyers are experienced in creating parenting plans and negotiating visitation rights. Their help can make the difference between a parent being actively involved in their child’s life or seeing them once a month, under supervision, or from a distance.

They Gather Evidence and Prepare Spouses for Court Hearing

When the parties cannot agree, the judge decides who gets custody, how they divide marital property, and what obligations they continue to have towards their children and towards one another. To make sure the court’s decision will be in line with their interests, the parents need to provide evidence.

They need to prove their financial situation, their ability to look after and provide for the children, their health condition, and more. Divorce lawyers can help them obtain the evidence they need and present it in such a way as to secure a favorable court verdict. They can also dismantle evidence that could undermine their clients’ interests.

Your Georgia Divoce Lawyer Will Handle Paperwork and Court Proceedings

Like all court trials and legal procedures, divorces involve a huge amount of paperwork that needs to be filed under specific circumstances, within strict timeframes. They can be a hassle for anyone with a full-time job and/or children to look after. It is much easier to leave them all to an experienced divorce lawyer for whom they are merely routine.

Overall, working with an experienced Georgia divorce lawyer means valuable time savings, peace of mind, valuable advice, and overall improved divorce experience. When things get difficult and ugly, it is in everyone’s best interest to try and make them as easy and as smooth as possible. Divorce lawyers do that, so, if you have not yet consulted one, you should.

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