Filing a Georgia Car Accident Claim If Your License is Expired

Crash survivors need to file a Georgia car accident claim right after the incident takes place. If it’s not your fault and you suffered due to the negligence of another driver, then they should pay the penalty. The only way to make the party at fault pay is by filing a claim against them. This way, you can recover the losses incurred by you. From your hospital bills to repair costs, everything is part of the compensation.

In addition, one can also include the lost wages and emotional damage cost in the list. However, to do all this, you need to keep a check on certain things, such as having a driving license. If your license isn’t with you or is expired, then insurance companies try to put partial blame on you. Moreover, you may be fined or penalized for keeping an expired license. You might win the claim, but the compensation amount reduces in such a scenario.

More than 1,400 deaths from fatal crashes were recorded in 2019 in Georgia. Along with deaths, several individuals suffered deadly injuries which took months to heal. No matter how insignificant a crash might be, it results in multiple casualties. To treat injuries, one needs to spend hundreds of dollars in hospitals which puts people under financial burden. Through a claim, victims can reduce this burden and get the required help. However, to do so, one needs to have a license and a trusted attorney. With an attorney’s help, you can easily handle the matter of an expired license.

How Does an Expired License Affect My Georgia Car Accident Claim?

An expired license has an impact on your Georgia car accident claim. Usually, the officer present at the scene asks for documents such as a driving license. If they find out that your license is expired, they can either give you a written warning or a ticket. However, an insurance company won’t take this matter lightly. They will do everything in their power to prove you wrong.

Moreover, their legal team will try to shift partial blame on the victim based on the expired license. Even though having an expired license is not a crime, it can become a hurdle for your case. In multiple cases, a victim has been denied their rightful compensation just because they forgot to renew their driving license. Thus, it’s better to always have a renewed license with you. You never know when you might get hurt in a car crash and at that moment, having an expired license isn’t helpful.

Penalties Associated With Expired Licenses:

In the state of Georgia, being caught with an expired license lands you in trouble. It is considered a criminal offense and can have serious consequences. An individual might be asked to pay a heavy fine or even spend time in jail. Renew your expired license as soon as possible. Even though an expired license is not proof of a driver’s negligence, the accused party will use it in their favor.

How Can an Accident Attorney in Georgia Provide Help?

Dealing with a claim without an attorney is really difficult. Lawyers have experience in the field, so they can easily handle complicated matters. It includes winning maximum compensation for their client. A lawyer will recover compensation for hospital bills, physical therapy, lost wages, vehicle repairing, and the suffering experienced by the survivor.

In addition to winning compensation, your lawyer will handle the expired license issue. They are well aware of how an insurance company might deny a claim due to the driver’s expired license. Thus, they come up with a bulletproof strategy. After all, not having a renewed license isn’t as big a crime as being the reason for the crash.

Hire a Georgia Car Accident Attorney for Your Case:

An expired license is not something to worry about if you have a good lawyer by your side. Our Georgia auto accident attorneys specialize in dealing with similar cases. W enable our clients to get compensation even with an expired driving license. With the help of a seasoned professional, you can win maximum compensation from the accused party.

If someone harmed you or your loved one unjustly, you have the complete right to speak against it. No matter how challenging an expired license might make your case, trained individuals will provide you with satisfactory results. Our firm specializes in handling all kinds of claims. We will facilitate you at every step.

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