Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Advice Regarding the Crash Aftermath

Were you the victim of a car accident in Albany, GA? Georgia law gives you the right to recover your losses. However, your success in recovering them will depend on how you act during the first minutes after the accident. If you can get a Georgia car wreck lawyer to the accident scene, you have nothing to worry about.

However, most Albany car accident victims neglect to call an attorney so soon. Some panic at the sight of the injuries and car damage. Others get carried away by the adrenaline rush. There are also people who lose their temper and start fighting with the party at fault.

These are never good ideas. What should you do or avoid doing after a car crash? You will find the answer in the following lines.

How to Behave at the Accident Scene When You Don’t Have an Albany, Georgia Car Wreck Lawyer to Assist You

Many drivers, pedestrians, and passengers have no idea how to act immediately after an accident. Here is what Georgia car accident lawyers recommend:

1. Compliance with Georgia Law

Title 40, Chapter6, Article 12 contains Georgia laws referring to car accidents. Sections 40-6-270 – 40-6-278 are especially important for the actions of the parties involved. According to it, drivers involved in crashes have several important obligations. They should:


  • Stop their vehicle at the accident scene or in its immediate vicinity. As any Georgia auto accident attorney may confirm, failure to so so is often considered a sign of guilt.
  • Provide their name, address, and car registration number to the other parties involved. In fact, everyone involved in the accident should exchange this information. It will come in handy when they have to report their accident to their insurer and seek compensation for their losses.
  • Exhibit their operator license, if they have it and anyone involved requests to see it.
  • Render reasonable assistance to anyone injured in the accident and/or request medical assistance. This could mean driving the injured to the hospital or calling an ambulance.
  • Drive or push damaged vehicles outside the carriageway to avoid obstructing traffic, if no one was injured. In case of injuries, the vehicles should remain in position until the police complete their investigation.
  • Report accidents involving injuries or property damages of more than $500. If the accident occurred in Albany, the report should be made to the local police department. If the accident occurred outside the city, report it to the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office.

2. Protection of Their Own Interests

As an accident victim, your interest is to identify the party at fault and secure your right to compensation. In order to obtain compensation, you will need to show that:

  • The party at fault owed you a duty to act in a certain manner (reasonably)
  • They neglected their duty
  • Their negligence led to your accident
  • The damages and injuries you seek compensation for were the results of the accident.

How you prove these depends on your case circumstances. However, there is no doubt that some valuable evidence is only available at the accident scene. Think photos or recordings of the vehicles position, mileage, damages, oil leaks, brake marks, lights, and more.

Also, recordings from nearby cameras, witness testimonies, and medical evaluations are very important. Focus on gathering evidence as soon as you’ve complied with the duties at the previous point.

3. Avoidance of Common but Important Mistakes

Confused, in pain, or anxious, many accident victims express regrets or apologies. Some cannot stop rambling and making assumptions. Although your case may not reach court, you should assume that anything you say or do can be used against you.


Also, under no circumstances should you sign right waivers or accept early settlements. Wait until you can clearly assess the value of all damages and consult a Georgia car wreck lawyer. The latter will tell you how much your car accident claim is worth and when a settlement is worth accepting.

For More Advice and Recommendations, Schedule a Consultation with a Georgia Car Wreck Lawyer

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