Hiring an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Georgia

Filing a divorce becomes very stressful for a couple, apart from the emotional trauma, divorcing requires facing court dates, managing costs, and resolving conflicts. An experienced divorce lawyer in Georgia can ease the entire process for you while keeping it on the right track. A lot of strength is required to process a divorce.

An effective attorney will allow you to think rationally and make effective decisions for yourself. Being emotional and sensitive can manipulate the divorce process while creating more challenges for you. Particularly in cases where child custody is involved, the case can get very complicated and sensitive for both parties.

Filing a divorce and heading to court is not for everyone. It further escalates anxiety and depression as well as becomes time-consuming. Several couples choose to have an uncontested divorce. This allows the individuals to privately negotiate on the terms outside court. A mediator is present in the negotiations. In Georgia, the divorce rate was 8.9 in 2019. This means approximately 9 people out of 1,000 get divorce.

Divorce Lawyer in Georgia for Uncontested Divorce Process:

A divorce lawyer in Georgia can mitigate the risks of the uncontested divorce process. Understanding the pros and cons of the process is necessary before proceeding. It helps you in making an informed decision. The uncontested process requires less time and money.

You can save the cost associated with courts and lost wages due to missing your workdays. However, the process requires two people who agree on the terms that they cannot stay married and eventually creates an exit plan that satisfies both individuals. If both parties do not agree upon the terms, the divorce proceeds traditionally in court.

How the Uncontested Divorce Process Works

The uncontested divorce process is rather straightforward. Both the individuals will require a separate divorce lawyer in Georgia. Separate lawyers help in ensuring fair terms for each party. To prepare a divorce agreement, input from both individuals is necessary.

You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will discuss the crucial details and needs of each participant before preparing the divorce agreement. This is the time when you can discuss any topic that might hinder the process or your future life. The known topics that the majority of the couples tend to discuss before uncontested divorce hearing include the following:

  • Child custody
  • Division of businesses
  • Division of marital property
  • Visitation
  • Division of assets and debts
  • Financial aspect including mutual investments

After discussing the needs and wishes of each party, you should immediately consult your divorce attorney privately. The breakdown of marriage along with the way forward will be established. Your lawyers will schedule a slot with a mediator at a time when both parties are available.

The uncontested divorce process is a formal process. However, the decisions made in discussions are not legal bindings until a divorce settlement agreement is prepared and signed by both the parties and the relevant judge. You do not have to go to the courtroom for approval by the judge.

When both the parties sign the divorce settlement agreement, any one of the lawyers can take the agreement and file it in the country court clerk’s office. A copy of the agreement is later provided to the judge for approval.

Get in Touch With Our Albany Divorce Attorneys:

The divorce process takes a toll on your mental health. The process becomes expensive, traumatic, and time taking. A divorce lawyer in Georgia brings clarity to the process. Usually, there are two types of divorces; contested and uncontested. In the contested divorce the case is filed in the court, whereas for uncontested divorce mutual understanding of the situation is necessary.

Both the parties reach upon agreement terms outside the court to ease the process of divorce. This is the uncontested approach; you will be needing your lawyer to produce the best results in your favor or proceed with a traditional contested divorce if this process does not work.

Reach out to an experienced uncontested divorce attorney in Albany, GA for your case. We have a highly skilled and professional team that provides customized services according to your specific needs. We are aware of the emotional damages brought by a divorce. We ensure to ease the process and attain the benefits you deserve and we aim to protect your rights.

If you are planning to file a divorce, it is essential to consult an attorney about your case and protect your legal rights. Circumstances for every divorce differ from others, we are here to provide you the best legal advice according to your unique situation.

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