What to Do after a Hit and Run Accident

One of the worst things to happen is when a driver leaves the crash scene after hitting your car. You feel outraged that they won’t even care to see if you are alright. And then you worry: how will I be able to get compensation for my damages? In this article, an experienced Macon car accident lawyer explains what to do after a hit and run accident.

It is important to follow these guidelines, both for your wellbeing and to protect your chances of winning fair compensation:

Do Not Chase the Other Driver

Although your first instinct is to follow the fleeing driver and hold them accountable, do not do it. There are so many things that could go wrong:

  • The driver may be armed and dangerous
  • They may be driving a stolen car
  • They may be under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • They may be fleeing a serious crime scene

Plus, even if you manage to catch up with them, you have no legal authority to detain the other driver. Not to mention that you may crash your car once again during the chase and make your injuries worse.

Report the Accident to the Police

Your legal foundation for filing a car accident claim starts with reporting the crash to the police. This is a legal obligation for all Georgia drivers, if the accident resulted in bodily injury and/or property damage valued at $500 or more.

When the law enforcement officers arrive at the crash scene, give them any details you noticed about the car and the driver. Police officers are trained to identify suspects with little information or details to go by.

do not chase after a hit and run driver

Collect Evidence at the Crash Scene

In many cases, you can help the police and your lawyer with the evidence you collect at the accident scene. These days, a hit and run accident rarely happens with no one around to see or no CCTV cameras to record it.

Look for any traffic cameras or CCTV cameras installed on private properties or business offices. Also, ask any eyewitnesses to give you a testimony and a detailed description of the other car. Some people have a photographic memory and may even remember the entire license plate number.

Seek Medical Care as Soon as Possible after the Accident

When you get to talk to a Macon car accident lawyer, one of the first things they want to see is the medical report prepared by the doctor who treated you after the accident. The attorney will check the date and time of this report, to see how long after the crash you sought medical attention.

The longer the waiting time, the more your chances of recovering all your damages is. Even if you file a claim against your own optional PIP insurance or comprehensive collision insurance, the adjuster will try to find any reason to deny it.

Failing to seek medical attention immediately after an accident is often interpreted as proof that you were not seriously injured.

Get a Copy of the Police Report

You can easily request a copy of your accident report online. This is one of the most important documents in a car accident claim. If the police cannot identify the at-fault driver, the report will still be necessary to file a claim with your own insurance company.

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Do not lose hope after a hit and run accident. With the help of the police, the at-fault driver may be identified and held accountable. Also, an experienced Macon car accident lawyer at Joe Durham Jr., P.C will help you understand your legal rights by examining your insurance coverage.

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