Boy Killed in Paulding County Crash After Troopers Used PIT Maneuver

A 12-year-old boy was killed in a Paulding County crash early on September 10. Leden Boykins was traveling in a car driven by his 35-year-old neighbor Charlie Moore.

Georgia State Patrol Troopers pulled over Moore for speeding as he traveled along Bethel Church Road in Paulding County. According to GSP, he refused to produce his driver’s license and instead drove off and resumed speeding.

Moore reportedly drove recklessly for three and a half miles on Highway 92 before troopers used a pursuit intervention technique (PIT) maneuver to stop him. The vehicle spun off the highway and flipped upside down, killing Leden in the process.

Moore and his 14-year-old son survived.

Leden’s parents, Toni and Anthony Boykins, believe state troopers could have saved their son’s life and prevented the Paulding County crash.

They said Moore’s wife told them that Moore instructed his son to call 911 the first time the troopers stopped him.

Moore is a black man and he reportedly told the 911 operator he feared for his life given the number of police vehicles on the scene. The Boykins said Moore requested a supervisor while refusing to roll down his windows.

According to the family, troopers tried to break through the windows and Moore was so afraid that he drove off with the 911 operator on the phone.

The Boykins believe that the troopers should have acted differently when they saw children in the vehicle.

Moore is now facing more than ten charges including murder while committing a crime, first-degree homicide by vehicle, aggravated assault against a peace officer, endangering a child while driving under the influence, having an open container in a motor vehicle, and driving on a suspended license.

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