Getting Traffic Camera Footage after a Georgia Car Wreck

Surviving a Georgia car accident can become devastating for the people involved. It not only brings physical injuries but causes huge financial and emotional damage. Dealing with compensation recovery while getting treatment for your injuries is another challenge. Hiring a professional Georgia car accident attorney will ease the entire process for you. It is essential to gather complete information from the scene of the accident to strengthen your claim.

If the accident was caused by another person’s negligence, you should have evidence to prove the damages in court. It is your legal right to attain complete compensation for the injuries you suffered. Your car accident attorney will assist in gathering the evidence, preparing your claim, documentation, negotiations, and dealing with court proceedings.

Roadway conditions are effectively monitored in Georgia through a vast network of traffic cameras. It has become convenient for people to view these videos through the internet on a computer or smartphone app. It provides an added advantage to control traffic laws. Moreover, people can view traffic conditions. After an accident, retrieving video footage of the accident becomes a major concern.

You may need to know how you can get the recordings of traffic cameras in Georgia after an accident. It has been mentioned on the website of the Georgia Department of Transportation that they do not keep recordings of traffic cameras. So in case of an accident, you won’t be able to get any accident footage. Alternative options are available which can be explored with the assistance of an experienced car accident attorney.

Alternatives to Traffic Camera Footage After a Georgia Car Accident

In 2019 around 36,120 people died in traffic accidents. Whereas millions of people suffer serious injuries in accidents. High medical costs are associated with the treatment of such injuries. The severity of injuries in a Georgia car accident depends on the level of impact. Motor vehicle accidents often lead to serious injuries including traumatic brain injury, permanent disability, or loss of a body function.

Your compensation is highly dependent on the evidence you provide as a victim. Many people have surveillance footage systems. The advancement in technology has created new opportunities to record footage. Alternatives to obtaining traffic camera footage may include the following:

  • Dash Cameras:

Many cars have dash cameras installed. Dash cameras are used for various purposes; one of them being capturing accidents. After an accident, if a person pulls over and tells you that they have captured the accident through a dash camera, immediately ask them to send you a digital copy. It is appropriate to ask people around if they have a dash camera in their vehicle to collect the footage of the accident. The video can be transferred directly.

  • Surveillance Cameras at a Private Business:

Most businesses keep a surveillance security camera to capture recordings. The cameras often cover outside premises of the business area. However, the footage is usually stored for a short time. If you have been in an accident, after seeking medical treatment you should check with the businesses to look for accident footage. You will find your accident footage in the security systems of hospitals, schools, gas stations, or other businesses near the site of your accident.

  • Private Residence Cameras:

If the crash occurred in a residential area, you should seek help from the residents. You may be able to get the footage from someone’s surveillance system. Usually, the recordings are kept for a short time so you should contact them right after the accident.

  • Emergency Calls

Emergency calls to 911 or non-emergency calls made to dispatchers do not come under video evidence, but they can support your case by validating the timeline of your accident. Moreover, witnesses at the scene of the accident hold valuable information about the accident. Their testimony can have a great impact on your case.

Get in Touch With Accident Attorneys in Georgia:

After a Georgia car accident, you should immediately consult an experienced Georgia car accident lawyer. You have plenty of options to obtain video footage of your accident. Credible evidence will be substantial for a verdict in your favor. It is highly significant to act quickly after an accident. Most people erase their footage data after every few days. If you delay the process then you may lose substantial evidence of your case.

If you or your loved ones have been injured in an accident, get in touch with our team. We have attorneys with years of experience in similar cases. Your attorney will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

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