What Are the Most Dangerous Roads When it Comes to Road Accidents in Georgia?

Driving on the choked roads of Georgia isn’t an easy task. Often drivers are frustrated and in a hurry to reach their respective location. The end result of this action in most cases is a catastrophe. Road accidents in Georgia have seen a sudden surge over the past couple of years as traffic has amplified.

According to the fatal motor vehicle crashes report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority, more than 1500 deaths took place in Georgia in 2018 due to road accidents. This growing trend has become a point of concern for the residents who find it highly unsafe to travel on certain roads.

Some roads in Georgia are known to be killer roads due to the high volume of accidents observed on these routes. Hence, it is advised that one should be extra careful while traveling. Here are some of the roads that could turn out to be a nightmare for any driver.

1. I-285 IN East Point:

I-285 IN East Point has become of the most dangerous roads around the city. More than 32 car accidents in Georgia were reported near this location. The influx of heavy traffic and overspeeding are two of the main reasons for such horrific incidents. The fatality rate is also very high and most car accidents result in on-spot deaths. Despite numerous actions taken by authorities, the rate of accidents still remains high.

2. I-20 in Douglasville:

I-20 near Douglasville, Atlanta is another route known for notorious car accidents. Trailer collisions are very common in this area and in September 2020, a horrific accident was witnessed on this route when two trailers collided with each other near a construction zone and also hit three passenger vehicles. It is estimated that 5 car crashes take place on this route every 44 miles.

3. Tara Blvd in Jonesboro:

Tara Blvd in Jonesboro recorded 15 deaths due to road accidents in Georgia. This route near Clayton County, Georgia receives heavy traffic from all ends of the city. Although it is a small area, the traffic influx is heavy hence the percentage of accidents has increased significantly as well.

4. I-75 in Cartersville:

Interstate 75 is a 340 KM long highway that touches many US states including Ohio. High-speed vehicles have become the leading cause of accidents on Interstate 75. So far 14 deaths have been reported in multiple accidents that occurred on the route in one year.

What are the Reasons Behind Albany Car Accidents?

Common causes of road accidents include:

  • Over-Speeding:

High-speed driving is the primary cause of road accidents in Georgia. People often get the adrenaline rush and find a certain thrill while driving at a very high speed but what they completely forget is the amount of damage they could do because of their negligence. Over speeding on highways has taken away many precious lives and despite significant warnings by traffic control authorities, this remains a huge concern both for travelers and authorities.

  • Distractions:

Another major reason behind road accidents in Georgia is lack of focus. People try to multi-task while they drive, they want to eat, check their mobile, give their friend a call and all of these activities distract them. The distraction becomes an outlet for negligence leading to precarious accidents. If your eyes are not set on the road, then you are most likely to cause a collision. Therefore, it is very important to be attentive while driving and use all your senses.

How Can Car Accident Attorneys in Georgia Help You After a Car Accident?

Car accident attorneys in Georgia are seasoned professionals who have years of experience in handling difficult cases. Any person who experiences an accident tends to be traumatized for some time. Therefore, he/she needs an attorney whom they can completely trust and rely on. While there may be many options available, there are few car accident attorneys who will guide you patiently and will remain by your side.

You must provide complete information to your attorney so a strong case can be built for you. If minor details are missed, then there could be loopholes left that could ultimately weaken your case. Insurance companies make use of these loopholes to deprive you of your due compensation. However, if your attorney knows their job well then he/she could save you from all this hassle and enable you to fight the legal battles with ease!

Professional Georgia accident lawyers will be meticulous in their way of dealing, from the collection of pieces of evidence to recording witness testimony. These lawyers could help you get good compensation, making your road to recovery easier.

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