How to Prevent Winter Car Accidents in Columbus

The winter season is considered to be the most joyful and valuable time for many people. However, due to weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain, and storms, car accidents are more likely to occur. During this time, extra safety precautions must be taken to prevent winter car accidents in Columbus.

According to the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), over 1.2 million weather-related vehicle accidents occurred from 2007 to 2016. The most common weather hazards include heavy rain, snowstorm, icy pavement, and fog.

Although the chances of snow are much less in Georgia, that does not mean we should take the winter season lightly. The safety regulations implemented by the authorities must be taken seriously by all drivers especially, during the winter season. If you or your loved one have experienced an injury caused by a winter-relation car accident, you should contact a trusted Georgia car accident lawyer at Joe Durham JR., P.C.

Columbus Winter Car Accidents Caused by Common Winter Hazards:

No one expects to be caught up in winter car accidents when leaving their home or office. Despite the high number of car crashes in the United States, many people still choose to ignore the safety precautions while driving. During bad weather conditions when car crashes are more likely to occur, we must take our safety more seriously as it can affect not only the drivers involved but their families too. Here are the common winter hazards to watch out for:

  1. Snow Storms:

Although snowstorms are not frequent in Georgia, they can still be hazardous when accumulated. Many times, driver’s negligence on the roadways gets them into a car crash. During snowy weather, drivers must be extra cautious about the speed limit.

Other than the speed limit, many drivers do not pay attention to the stopping distance. Slippery roads increase the chance of hitting especially when there is less stopping distance.

  1. Icy Pavements:

Other dangerous road conditions are the freezing rains and the icy pavements that are much more likely to occur in Georgia. In case of less stopping distance, drivers may fail to save their vehicle from hitting especially, during skidding. Make sure you have control of your vehicle by taking safety measures to avoid winter car accidents.

  1. Compromised Visibility:

Where the winter season can be the most joyful time for you and your family, it also brings along troubles such as poor visibility at nights or early mornings. Whether it’s raining, hailing, or snowing, your ability to see the road while driving can be affected. It is important to keep the speed of your vehicle in order to get more reaction time. You need to be extremely careful while traveling to and from work as there is less daylight.

It is given that we use headlights during the night. But according to Georgia law, it is necessary for you to use them a half-hour after sunrise and after sunset as well. You are also required to turn on the headlights while it is raining or in case of other weather conditions when the visibility is poor.

Tips on Preventing Winter Car Accidents in Columbus:

It is crucial for every driver to take proper steps in order to have a safe drive in Columbus, especially during bad weather conditions. Here are some simple tips you can follow to avoid getting into a car accident:

Get your Car checked before Winter Season Starts:

It is important to be prepared before the season starts. You can avail of a car inspection service to have your vehicle’s fluid, battery, tires, and antifreeze checked. Do not risk your life by skipping this step as it is your responsibility to keep yourself and your family safe.

Keep track of Weather Forecast:

It is always better to keep track of the forecast especially if you are planning on traveling. Even before leaving home, check the weather condition and also alternate routes in case you get stuck.

Stay Away from Distractions:

This goes without saying that avoid using your phone while you are driving. Distractions can lead to some serious consequences especially when the roads are slippery. Instead, focus on your driving and keep an extra distance from the car ahead of you. It is difficult to control the vehicle especially when it is raining, hailing, or snowing. You can prevent winter car accidents in Georgia by staying away from your phone or other distractions.

Contact The Best Columbus Car Accident Attorney:

If you or your loved ones have gotten into a weather-related car accident, get in touch with our Columbus car accident lawyer at Joe Durham, JR., P.C. Our trusted attorneys will provide you with the legal assistance that you deserve.

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